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1. Dimensional Stable and Durable Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) from European Beech (Fagus sylvatica). Bicke, S. , Biziks, V. and Militz, H. 12th Annual Meeting of the Northern European. Network for Wood Science and Engineering

The first reference to cutting wood in a sawmill, rather than using hand tools, comes from northern Europe and dates from about 375. The sawmill was powered Today, lumber pieces used in construction have standard dimensions and are divided into three categories, depending on the thickness of the piece. Lumber with

Milled structural lumber dimensions. Actual size (Europe) Actual size (U.S.) Nominal size (U.S.) 30 mm 1.18 in 36 mm 1.42 in 48 mm 1.89 in 38 mm 1.50 in 2 in 61 mm 2.40 in 73 mm 2.87 in 64 mm 2.50 in 3 in 98 mm 3.86 in 89 mm 3.50 in 4 in 123 mm 4.84 in 114 mm 4.50 in 5 in 148 mm 5.83 in 140 mm

Daniel said: It is really only maybe the 1940s or so I would guess that lumber dimensions were truly standardized. I am not sure what they call it in Europe, but I have worked on a couple of early mid 19th century houses that had actual 2x4 studs for the interior framing. I think it was in the 30's or 40's that we started planing

To complement our extensive range of product offerings, Danzer has built close relationships with top producers of European lumber. Our partners in Europe procure quality logs exclusively from sustainably managed forests, use state-of-the-art sawmilling technology and have the experience necessary to produce a

Dec 13, 1998 Wood sold in nominal sizes is called dimensional lumber. Most lumber yards stock dimensional lumber in seven standard sizes: 2 by 2, 2 by 4, 2 by 6, 2 by 8, 2 by 10, 2 by 12, 4 by 4. The accompanying diagram shows how the actual size differs from the nominal size. It is important to keep in mind that the

Plantation Teak producer. FSC certified teak from Central America. Exporting to Asia, Europe and United States. More than 7.000 hectares producing high quality teak. Grading and quantities guaranteed. Teak Round logs, teak blocks, teak decking, teak panels, teak for architects. Novelteak. Think Teak.

and off shore. One European Spruce importer raised prices . Coast ^ Recent weakness in other framing lumber species, particularly 4-inch dimension prices were rm to higher. Stud Lumber. A Prices of studs came under downward pressure, with trends in Western S-P-F particularly weak. One major in.

Strength tests on this softwood species native to Europe had never been conducted on logs grown in the U.S. After four years of discussing, researching, locating, verifying, planning, sampling, testing, and Once Norway Spruce is cut into dimension lumber, it is virtually indistinguishable from native eastern spruce species.

Strength graded structural softwood lumber US dimension lumber graded according to WCLB grading rules (2“ x 3 4 6 8 10 12“) The state of the art production facilities of the binderholz mill in Germany combined with the central European high qualitymaterial provides consistently highest class products with

Thus, standard 20-70 was adopted, which specifies dimensions of the dried and planed lumber. Today's 2x4s are actually smaller than you got from even the wettest wood before, because they didn't want to have anyone stuck with dimensional lumber he couldn't sell, and hey, if we can get more lumber out of these trees,

Europe). In this chapter, the term lumber is used to include all squared, sawn timber espe- cially because there is no distinction in the international trade statistics .. dimensions. Visual and or machine grading occurs after the next steps when lumber is further processed. After sawing into lumber, mills can add value to the

The thing that I have found a bit challenging when determining which timber to use has been the sizing. Below is what I have been substituting for the dimensional lumber sizes noted in plans, I am live in Adelaide, Australia. I just wanted to run these past others here to see what they thought, are these

DIMENSION LUMBER. Species KD SPF and KD Whitewood max. m c19% S4S EE. Sample Sizes. 1" x 4" (19mm x 89mm); 1" x 6" (19mm x 140mm); 1" x 8" (19mm x 184mm); 1" x 10" (19mm x 235mm); 2" x 3" (38mm x 63mm); 2" x 4" (38mm x 89mm); 2" x 6" (38mm x 140mm); 2" x 8" (38mm x 184mm); 2" x 10" (38mm x

Norway's been metric for over a hundred years, but the labeling of lumber dimensions in metric only goes back a few decades. I've never heard . Could furnish French equivalents, but Constanze did it for Germany, with a bit of European Standard jostling, and some local habits, DIN sizes are EU constants