dress up my concrete front stoop

I've talked to many people who struggle to decorate and add style to their small front porch. As if all this eye candy alone isn't enough to convince you of the importance and desirability of a decorated and styled front porch, here's what my trusted realtor, Pam Carrigan, has to say: “I encourage sellers to

How to make your patio look new again for less than $100 with Olympic Rescue It! Deck and Concrete Resurfacer. out weeds longer than my arm, built a fence, found an entire toy store's worth of balls and frisbees, and even dressed up my tiny patio with some new outdoor chairs and a couple planters.

On this porch, or piazza, classic white wicker furniture is dressed with zesty, bold pillows in a fun pattern. In this porch vignette, they are positioned in front of the sofa, creating extra seating or a perfect place to rest a book, lamp, or drink. . A shiny green garden stool brightens up the space, as does an eclectic planter.

This is the front porch of this craftsman style home. It is inviting and provides pops of color. The bold colors brought about in the furniture and accessories enhance the homes facade and add that wow factor from the street. 3. Cozy Seating for Two in IndianaIn this Indianapolis home, a pair of orange Adirondack chairs with

These are all my favorite ideas I have compiled from all over the web. I really add trim to front door. #14 Add Windows to your Garage. Add windows to garage. #15 Dress up your Dormer. dress up your dormer. #16 Upgrade your Porch or Deck Railing. Upgrade #39 Cover an old concrete stoop with pavers. Cover an

Start from the bottom: cover up the concrete floor. Many hardware stores sell . Sew up a cushion for the seat if all the wood-only bench-ness hurts your bum. Make sure to pick Imagine your kiddo, lost in a book while sitting on your porch pouf, no sign of a computer or iPhone in sight. Here's the pattern.

Decorative concrete is the newest trend for exterior designers. A full line of products is available to enhance the once-basic gray slab found outside homes. Texturized treatments, paint and acid etching turn a dull background into a coat of many colors that brings life to your patio or porch. Many can be used without

Flooring. Is the floor on your porch looking really shabby? Do you have a lot of hairline cracks in the concrete? Maybe you have some wooden boards missing? There are some great quick fixes for each of these scenarios. For concrete floors, you can get out the paint brushes and paint with some high gloss

Dress up the front door home's trimmings. Dress up mail boxes for curb appeal by painting the wooden post to match the house's exterior color, or by surrounding it by a beautiful flowering garden. . Create a permanent welcome mat by tiling or painting a design that contrasts with the porch floor or front stoop. Not only

A house with a beautifully remodeled exterior and a drab, cracked sidewalk and driveway is like a bride wearing a stained old trench coat over her spectacular wedding gown. No matter how lovely the dress, the coat kills the overall effect — and it is the first thing people will notice. Similarly a home's curb appeal soars when

Watch this video for tips on how to dress up a bland concrete porch floor by painting, staining, or scoring grooved lines in the surface. All this homeowner did is to clean the front porch concrete thoroughly and then applied a coat of concrete paint. There's so many different colors that you can find one that'll compliment the

Removing Carpet from Cement Stairs - An Affordable Porch Makeover (Cement Step Paint) As part of my Patio Style Challenge I repainted our covered concrete porch. This was something I'd always wante. . See More. to cover up cement foundation on front of house: $68 at lowe's: StoneCraft 9. Outdoor

Despite my claim that the front porch would be the first to go, it took us 7 years. We currently have our home listed for sale by owner, and this was the kick in the butt we needed to up our game and improve our curb appeal. When we removed the carpeting we were left with less-then-pretty concrete.

To give your drab concrete porch a wonderful tile facelift, follow the steps of the DIYNetwork.com masonry experts. If you have a plain concrete porch, consider laying tile to give it a whole new look. be made. Set up small stacks of tile ahead of time to allow you to work for longer stretches without having to fetch more tile.

In this video, TOH senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how to cover up an ugly concrete stoop with stone veneer and bluestone treads. (I'm talking HEAVY), I took it and stuck it to the side of my brick house (that's BRICK not concrete, even less likely to stick) well I put it on, leaned up against it with

This past Spring Hubs and I had a project list that included sprucing up our front yard. That list included installing a new fence and updating our front porch. We had high hopes for this porch and started to get it into pretty good shape by cleaning it, painting the shutters and we even bought two new rockers