Tracker Bass Boats driver seat problem

The steering above 2000 rpm, had to brace yourself in driver's seat to steer pontoon. . Boat has been at Bass Pro Shop & Mercury repair shop for 24 total days. Take the advice of a 60 year old man who thought he was going to be able to enjoy some bass fishing in a nice boat in what years God has left for him .stay

Some Tracker Bass Boats have a driver seat problem, because a storage box is installed right behind the seat. Because of that, the seat cannot be move back f

As bass fishermen, our boat is dang-near hallowed ground. We wax them, park them in the garage at the expense of the truck, load them down with thousands of dollars of tackle and baby them. Except when tournament day rolls around. Then it's time to let her eat: wide-open throttle runs across shallow flats, up winding

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Center console is too far forward and down. I am trying to figure out how to adjust it closer and make it higher, also I think the drivers seat sits up too high. Utility man - KY 1993 Bass Tracker Pro 17 w 60 Evinrude 7 7 07. I have nothing but praises for Tracker Marine. This is the second Tracker boat that I have owned. This one

I then went inside and looked at the one in the showroom. It already had the marks from the roller. I went to bass pro and found the same marks on theirs. I called Tracker, sent them a video. They said it was my fault. It's too bad. I like the boat, it's the trailer that isn't designed correctly. They wouldn't even try to work with me.

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And I'm also replacing the decking since it was dry rotted too. So, let's try a couple of photos. I gave the boat an hour of pressure washing and it actually looked pretty good. Edited by Jim Myers - 04 04 2017 at 3:59am. CougProf 1991 Bass Buggy 60 HP Tracker. Back to Top. CougProf View Drop Down.

We are starting at the 1950's bow because it has a specific design element that contributes to the overall flow and ergonomics of the boat. Tahoe also said that because the starboard side seat is smaller, a shorter passenger is more likely to sit on that side, which could make it easier for the driver to see over that person.

Choose from Wise' bucket, helm, lounge, and bass boat seats and appreciate their value for years to come. Modernize your boat's look with a seating layout, with perhaps one bucket and one lounge seat. Don't wait- bring new life and value into your boat by replacing torn, broken and worn-out back-to-back seating.

Choose marine seat pedestals and boat swivel chair bases from Cabela's with adjustments for height and comfort with a simple touch of the lever.

Basically the person on the tube is at the drivers mercy because they can't move it. I'm pretty I was imagining a setup consisting of the removal of the stern fishing seat, and replacing it (temporarily) with a pole. I have a . I use my bass boat (Tracker 190 TX with a 90 hp) to pull the kids on an inflatable.

Received all kinds of advise on how to correct the problem including driver error. After reading the complaints on the internet, I found one owner that still had coverage on his boat and bass tracker fixed his boat with a no feedback steering helm. My complaint is why hasn't this been a recall like they do on

Safeguard information about your G3 boat by recording the Hull Identification Number (HIN) and the model of your boat, and the model and BASS BOATS. 3-9. 1. Access to Batteries and Fuel Tank. 2. Fuel Inlet. 3. Livewell. 4. Under Seat Cooler. 5. Step to Deck. 6. Tackle Tray Storage. 7. Gear Storage. 8. Rod Locker. 9.

Likes: Boat handles great in rough water. Great top end, Triton, Ranger, Champion has nothing on Nitro far as speed. Had to replace center seat and driver's seat, they were coming apart. Tracker replaced the seats, no problems. I love the storage, excellent fuel capacity. Boat very stable when fishing. I like the wider beam.