pitching a tent on wooden platform

These man-made, wooden platforms are being found in more campgrounds and wilderness areas not just for their convenience to campers (clean, flat, and dry surface to put your tent). They are also being built as solutions for reducing environmental impact, especially in frequently visited areas (less

Our gourmet tent camping caters to couples and singles seeking a quiet, peaceful experience. At your campsite you will find a level area for pitching your tent, a hammock, two Adirondack chairs and a small table. Sitting on a raised wood platform is a 10x10 carpeted tent with a queen futon and memory foam topper.

We were camping on California's Sonoma Coast and the treehouse, a weathered wooden platform about the size of a two-person tent, sat perched in a giant oak not far That way, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect place to pitch your tent—just pick three sturdy well-spaced trees and you're set for the night.

Tent platforms are ideal for elevating a tent when camping -- portable platforms are particularly useful if you are traveling to different campsites. These structures keep tents off the ground, thereby keeping campers dry, especially if it rains. They also provide a solid surface on which to walk and make pitching a tent more like

Be sure to pitch your tents in an area that is protected from lightning strikes. (p.30). Since mountain thunderstorms tend to form in the early to mid-afternoon, it's generally advised that you do your hiking to the high peaks starting in the early morning, so that you can be on the way down from the peaks when

Tent Colony, date unknown. The next year, Summer Session Director Scott Goodnight (for whom Goodnight Hall is named) formally expanded the program with the construction of 18 wooden platforms on which students could pitch their tents or build make-shift dwellings at their own expense. Over the next half century,

Fixed Tents. Camping in a large tent that is pitched in the same spot all summer can be a very pleasant introduction to tent camping. There are four main styles of fixed tents: platform tents, wall tents, tipis and yurts. A platform tent is a tent erected over a permanent or semi-permanent elevated floor, usually made of wood,

one brace pole is used. one in front ofthe tent and one behind the Tent.The variations depend on The specific situation at hand. Green spruce boughs are often used for bedding. They are set on the bare ground inside the tent. but ifthe tent is to be used for extended periods. a wood. floor or 'tent platform' is nor~ mally built.

Discover the Big Basin Tent Cabin in the majestic redwoods. Each Tent Cabin is a raised wooden platform with wooden sides and mesh vent panels on two sides. The top is canvas secured over a wooden frame. Be one with nature!

Allows you to put in a wood stove. Pitching Hardware Includes hanger bolts with wingnuts to anchor the bottom of your tent to the platform. Ridgepole Couplers and Pins For those who build their own ridge pole when constructing the platform. Wood Pole Set Includes front and back uprights and a ridge

If you've finished probing around and think you're on solid ground, the next step is to create a solid level platform to sleep on. You can do this by stomping your boots or snowshoes on the place where you want to pitch your tent to pack down the snow. However, a better technique is to dig a shallow platform using an

Coming soon, the Hitch n' Pitch moves the rooftop tent off the roof, and onto a trailer hitch. It even gives the It'll stay free standing on the platform. Folded up: He joined GearJunkie after a 10-year stint as a newspaperman in the Caribbean, where he learned sailing and wooden-boat repair. Based in

Forget pitching a tent in your own back yard. Here are seven It's essentially sleeping in a yurt—a large, portable, round tent, usually set up on a wooden platform. Savage River Have the urge to pitch a tent and commune with the great outdoors—but don't want to stray too far from urban life? Greenbelt

A tent pad eliminates the effort of finding a good spot on a campsite for pitching a tent. Tent campers can just put up the tent, choose Some tent pads are not framed by timbers, but are instead slightly raised dirt mounds that are level and perhaps topped with wood chips. These are also easy to spot. Campers will most

Even on wooden tent platforms, there are usually hooks, or you can bring small cup hooks from home and rig something But what I ask because I'm taking my mother out for a trip on Feb 27 - March 1 and the NC State Park we are headed to only has gravel tent pads. You've got your tent pitched.:-?

Recently I found myself in an area that required the use of established tent platforms. While these are an excellent tool to minimize the impact our presence will have on the area they can be difficult to attach guy lines to. In this video I show two no knot methods to attach guy lines to the platform. One using

Along the more popular hiking trails in the Whites and the Greens, there are established, hike-in campsites, usually with tent pads (compacted, flattened ground), tent platforms (raised wooden platforms you can pitch a tent on) and or lean-to style shelters. In the summer, these places get lots of visitors.