thermally modified poplar decking

Then, with the help of a cutting edge technology known as Thermal Modification, ourlumber is brought to extremely high temperatures in order to improve the wood on a molecular level. The end result is a product that is more durable, straighter and lighter than unmodified wood. Aesthetically the wood is darkened in

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At about this time, the market for thermally modified wood expanded dramatically from its traditional application in sauna materials, to include exterior products, such as decking (terrace) and cladding (siding). While Ha-Serv continued to focus primarily on the Finnish sauna market, Brenstol established the Thermory brand

This new product line, produced at our Cleveland, GA plant, provides a rot-resistant wood with no added chemicals for use in green wood decking and green wood siding projects. VikingWood is also being used in outdoor furniture, window framing, and in interior flooring and bathroom projects where wood stability is

Cambia Poplar is a thermally-modified wood. The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve the durability (rot resistance) of the wood as well as to increase its dimensional stability. Cambia Poplar is another dark wood that can be used for furniture in side or outside. 4 4 Hit

About us · Thermally modified wood · Sustainability · Ash · Yellow Poplar · Siding · Custom uses · Contact · Request samples · Journal. wood. made better. From America's well-managed hardwood forests, Cambia by NFP provides an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to imported exotic hardwood species.

Siding Description. Cambia by NFP offers our thermally modified poplar siding in two standard profiles: Shiplap and tongue and groove. Both are offered in nominal 1” x 6” and 1” x 8” sizes. ​ Moldrup Hydro-Thermal modification of Poplar; 5m3~2200 B.ft capacity per charge plant. We offer all kind of di

Re: Thermally modified decking. Too Good to be True. It is cooked wood. Perfectly dry, however all the sap is burned up in the process which makes it soak up moisture and deteriorate quickly. We tested it and it failed in 1 year. It is akin to turning pine into poplar. I understand they are trying it with cedar,

There are various species that can be successfully treated such as ash, soft maple, tulip poplar, red oak, yellow birch and hickory. Appearance of There are also no special fasteners required with thermally modified wood, but you can use a hidden deck fastener system if you wish. The story of thermally modified

Farmstead Passive House. 1.4K Saves 3 Questions. This meant finding low-maintenance materials that could stand up to the elements. The siding is thermally modified poplar that does not need to be stained periodically, the roof is a standing-seam metal roof, the deck is ipe, the metal framing is galvanized structural steel,

Thermally-modified lumber has been commercially available for a few years in Europe, where it is used for siding, decking and outdoor furniture. Recently a few companies in the US have started producing thermally-modified wood products, including a mill in Tennessee. Thermally-modified wood is a special material with

I recently came across this stuff at my local lumber yard. Does anybody here have experience with the stuff? It sure sounds like a viable (though expensive) alternative to PT stuff with potential marine applications. Rick.

Although thermally modified decking and siding has been available in Europe for at least two decades, it's a newcomer to U.S. and Canadian markets. makes all of its siding from North American ash, Flynn's company is experimenting with other species, including sapgum, hackberry, elm, and poplar.

This is a picture of thermally modified Ash decking that was not treated with any wood protection. It has a patina gray and stable. You can coat our thermally modified ash decking with a product called Cutek Extreme and its available in a variety of color choices. Ash left sample. Naturally weathered Poplar to the right.