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trailer Having horses keeps us on the move, and not just heading down the trail. Even if we're fortunate enough to have a local trail system handy we'll soon trailer floor Flooring Material The two main materials here are wood or aluminum and each has their own benefits. Wooden floors, which are most

CoolFloor is designed to replace your traditional rubber floor mats and eliminate the need for wood shavings in your horse trailer with a non-slip, nearly indestructible surface with more cushion. This lessens fatigue and provides more secure footing to your horse and livestock while traveling, as well as, insulates the the

HAVE YOU PULLED YOUR TRAILER MATS OUT LATELY? Is it pitted or corroded? We restore and protect USED and NEW trailer floors! BONUS: Polylast is a soft ergonomic.

Trailer floors can deteriorate, and when they do, heavy horses and livestock fall through the floors when being trailered, with disastrous results. Take note of what the floor made of--aluminum, wood boards or a plastic rubber composite. For replacement boards, well-cured oak or pine are the best.

Warning: Graphic Photo: blogs horse-911-whats-your-emergency archive 2012 05 05 ensuring-trailer-floors-don-t-fail.aspx Then using your saw, make sure you don't cut through the steel support beams (joists) under the wood, and cut the boards one at a time. After they are cut,

The worst thing for your trailer floor happens just about every time you put your horses in for a ride. Yup, you guessed it IT happens manure and urine. Horse urine is very acidic which can break down either an aluminum floor or a wood floor easily. Manure piles hold moisture in one spot for awhile,

Manure and urine cause both wood and metal floors to degrade, and a weakened floor can give way with catastrophic results. Use a screwdriver or a dull knife to check the integrity of the trailer floor: If the tip of the tool sinks into any of the floor's wooden boards, they need to be replaced. Be especially

Durable and Long-Lasting. Rumber boards are stronger and more durable than wood, will not rot, are impervious to liquids, and UV resistant. shield-icon. Will not rot, crack, or splinter. Rumber outlasts alternatives in durability and flexibility. icon_usa. Made in the U.S.A.. All Rumber boards are made in the U.S.A., in the great

Taking the time to check your horse trailer flooring can save you a lot of heartache. Demand the best quality trailer you can get, and make sure you pay attention to the flooring options. Examine your friend's trailers and never LUMBER - (Minimum 2 inches thick and pressure treated. NO PLYWOOD.).

Why Buy a Horse Trailer with a Wood Floor? If you're thinking about purchasing a horse trailer, one detail to consider is the horse trailer's floor. The construction of a horse trailer floor is important, but for more reasons than you might think. In this article, we'll look at the benefits of horse trailers with wood floors. Many of our

There's a reason we've used high-dense Douglas fir lumber in every horse trailer we've built since 1987. This proven design is the best and safest option for your animals. Properly spaced (1 4″) 2X10 Douglas Fir floorboards are durable, and hold up better to barn-yard chemicals than any other flooring on

The Horse Trailer Guru shares his method on how to prepare your trailer frame when installing new wood floors. This method is applicable to any floor or deck installation on a steel frame. To buy Horse Trailers: 101 dvd or The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual visit:

Those who have simple bare wood as their trailer floor wish they'd utilized Silikal's trailer floor covering as it is not only flexible, but is able to withstand punishing Speaking of a specialty trailer floor covering horse trailers and livestock trailers absolutely demand a good trailer floor covering due to the sanitation needed to

Once you have narrowed down your choice of trailer options based on construction and loading, you need to think about flooring material. Once again, our modern technology offers many choices--from wood to rumber, from aluminum to spray coatings. Which one is really best? Flooring is probably the

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In July of 2011, Horse and Hound magazine reported that a horse had fallen through the rotten floor of its 2-horse trailer in Aylesbury, England during travel. The 17-year-old . With a treated lumber floor, it's always a good idea to remove the mats, hose down the floor, and let it fully dry to maintain the quality of the wood.

Therefore, if you have good mats for cushioning, why take a chance that your horse will become congested, especially if you're not going very far?” she maintains. Scheve also counsels that it's essential to clean the trailer floor thoroughly after each trip whether the floor is wood or aluminum. She warns