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How to build an easy flagstone wall: Dig a trench a couple of inches deep and wide enough to accommodate the flagstones. Fill with pea gravel and or sand and tamp to make level. Lay out the flagstones to see their shapes and sizes. Stack the smaller stones first. Save the largest, prettiest flagstones for the top layer.

Get tips on how to choose and landscape using easy, plant-friendly gravel paving for great paths and outdoor rooms. Gravel is also versatile, says Los Angeles landscape architect Mia Lehrer. Instead, lay a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer of gravel directly on bare, weed-free soil that's been compacted with a tamper or roller.

Lay a sheet of landscape fabric over the bare ground, to prevent weeds from sprouting up through your gravel. Cut the landscape fabric with scissors to fit your work area, but there is no need to anchor it.

The sand bed that you lay over landscape fabric keeps most grass types from sending roots under the edging and getting into the garden. Paver borders work well for straight, formal gardens but even better for informal yards with gradual curves and varying slopes. You can easily adjust them to follow the contours of an

Gravel paths are easy to construct because they aren't set very deep. You only have to A lining of landscape fabric over the base will keep weeds from growing up through the path. The gravel . layer of gravel. You can also let the edging do double duty by installing it over the fabric and letting its spikes punch through.

The fabric you used is too thin. I used this last year on my landscaping project, added gravel to the surface, and this year Behold!------a forest of weeds popped up all over the place. A thicker fabric, I think, would've been more effective.. Read more. Show less. Reply 4 5. Ozy3 years ago. I used that specific

Get instructions from the experts at DIYNetwork.com to build an easy-to-install, compacted-rock patio that doesn't use any cement. If the patio will bump up against existing stairs, secure 1 8" edging material against the wood to keep it from rotting over time. Step 3. dycr111_2fc. Lay Down the Landscape Fabric. It doesn't

The truly great thing about pea gravel patios is that they're relatively easy to install and making it a do-it-yourself project is very doable. Shovel or other excavation machinery (ie: Bobcat); Wheelbarrow; Hoe or tamping device; Rake; Pea gravel; Landscaping fabric; Crushed stone (where needed); Edging

Learn about landscape edging and installation from the experts at HGTV. How to Install Landscape Edging. Installing landscape edging can be easy if you follow the directions. Above ground edging includes any type of material that sits on top of the ground and creates an immovable and static barrier. This would

Landscape edging can help to visually define your planting beds and keep grass and mulch in their respective places. It's an easy DIY project, too, with minimal materials and skill required. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon Garden hose. Spray paint. Hammer or wooden mallet. Landscape edging material

Many times landscape gravel is seen as underlying foundation or as a temporary fix but it can be seen as a unique material to accent your yard or garden. The best thing about landscape gravel is that it is easy to install and is low-maintenance over time. Here is a simple process for do-it-yourself landscape gravel.

Landscaping stone can serve to completely replace turf grass in a yard or garden, but is generally used to create decorative paths and walkways. Installing landscaping stone for decorative purposes is a multistep process that most do-it-yourselfers can readily tackle. Step 1 Brainstorm The Design For Landscaping Stone.

Plastic landscape edging is cheap. And it's fast and easy to install. If you object to the look of the rounded top edge, hide it with a border of plants. Steel or aluminum edging forms a crisp edge that gives the path a neat appearance. It costs more than plastic, though, and is less forgiving on sloped terrain. Brick and stone

Install a flagstone, gravel, or paver walkway in a weekend or less! Use these three DIY walkway ideas to add interest to your yard -- our easy how-tos walk you.

Landscape timber edging installation is easy and looks spiffy. Using photos, I relate how to install it to build attractive edging with little effort.

Our nurseries are full of plants proven to do well here, tools to make the job easier and experts ready to help you with everything from information to landscape installation. From selecting the proper materials to helping you maximize your budget, we're here to help you grow your own way. Landscape

Natural, Stackable & Versatile. The modular shape and multiple sizes offered in Summit Stone provides unmatched flexibility in landscaping design. Versatile units provide easy installation for a wider range of applications. Plus, their aged, natural stone appearance enhances outdoor living environments and compliments