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Have fun with sticks — transform them into useful, attractive wattle and wickets for a garden fence or trellis. Armed with an active imagination and a lopping pruner, you can transform green sticks into pretty trellises, fence panels and plant supports. These simple structures are easy to make, cost practically nothing, and

The fabrication of fencing hurdles made from either willow or hazel is an ancient craft and has been used in Britain for centuries. Willow hurdes traditionally use willow up to 10mm in diameter and have a smooth texture whilst hazel hurdles use hazel between 10-20mm and are more All panels are 1.83m wide (6').

In taller versions of natural woven fences or portable panels, called hurdles, the pliable willow or hazel wands are woven between fence posts, either set in the ground or freestanding. By using different species, dimensions and colors of willow, a weaver can even create horizontal stripes and patterns. Depending on the

Willow Fence Panel, Redwood trim & copper 01-Single weave Willow Fence Panel, with copper & rebar frame 06-Single weave, rustic American Wild Top Willow Fence 17- 10 foot Curly willow fence with wild top. Urban Willow Fence 18-Urban continuous willow fence along stairs. Red Willow Garden Fence 19- Willow

Our handcrafted hurdle fence panels are woven from the coppice wood of the hazel tree. The hazel is left The panels can be installed on round, peeled cedar fence posts which we offer. We attach For a shipping quote, please email us the number of panels needed, with a delivery address and zip code. Prices range

Willow fencing and screening are suitable for an informal garden as well as a rustic garden setting. We are the only Our exclusively pre-built fence panels are easy to set up and designed to enrich your home and garden. Different styles and sizes to suit your needs. Contact us for custom sizes. Willow

Yay for Woven Wattle Fencing! Andrea Cochran's fabulous garden shown here would not be the same without the wattle fence on top of the hill . What is a woven wattle fence? It is essentially fencing woven from green branches of Hazel and Willow trees (oak, elder, hornbeam and ash too ). This technique

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Natural Fencing specialize in the manufacture of hazel and chestnut hurdles, gates, reed fencing panels, chestnut post and rail as well as screening rolls in a range of natural materials.

The wattle is made by weaving thin branches (either whole, or more usually split) or slats between upright stakes. The wattle may be made as loose panels, slotted between timber framing to make infill panels, or made in place to form the whole of a wall. In different regions, the material of wattle can be different. For example

Wattle is woven wood fencing. Hurdles are woven wattle fencing panels. A continuous weave wattle fence with an oak framed gate that contains a hazel weave infill. The hazel rods have been split The cleft, or split side of the wood is facing us, bark side faces interior of yard. Other designs can be seen

I started building willow fence panels in 2009 when I retired from 20 years as a science teacher. The design and techniques described here are therefore the result of six years of experimentation and evolution. The result is an attractive elegant product built to commission to the customer's spec. with infinite

Tree saplings or branches could be woven together, a practice known as wattle work. Once used in masonry as wattle and daub, where panels of woven branches were daubed with mud or dung, wattle work is still useful to a gardener setting out to build a fence. The basic structure of a wattle fence is a line

The rustic, hand woven appearance of wattle fencing adds an attractive defining touch to any yard, garden or landscape. Some possible uses: arches; towers; trellises; plant supports; garden accents; hurdles or fence panels; attractive garden borders to line walkways. Wattle construction is a great way to

A very popular size of the willow hurdle panels comes in 6'x6', they are proportioned for installing fencing but they can only be shipped via commercial trucking due to the size of the panels. Shipping freight for this size will be more reasonable if you order 6 or more. Call us for more information. For cheaper