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A metal roof does cost about two to three times more than asphalt shingles. But that doesn't account for the benefits you reap by not having to repair or replace as often. Here's to your many maintenance-free weekends. Life-expectancy: 50 years. Maintenance cycle: Repair or repaint every 50 years. Cost: $3.50 to $11 per

Whether it is vertical siding like board and batten, or horizontal siding like clapboards, shakes, and shingles, there are various wood species and grades to Though colorfast and resistant to insects and rot, vinyl siding is not maintenance free: Its vulnerability to weather damage makes occasional repairs necessary.

Use of plastic roofing has been on the rise, most likely due to lower product costs than traditional cedar and slate and the offer of maintenance free lifetime products. Plastic roofing shingles are lightweight, and easier to install than traditional cedar and slate. However, most plastic shingles do not look authentic, and can

With a wind-load pressure of 220 mph and a Class A fire rating, this virtually maintenance-free siding is worth a close look. Monogram vinyl siding Molded from real cedar shingles, this siding is the most natural-looking cedar shingle and shake siding available without the maintenance of wood. Tested to withstand

Unfortunately, those same shakes can also lead to a lot of maintenance issues down the road. That's why discerning homeowners are looking for other options to give them the same looks but with more durability and less maintenance. Thankfully, fiber cement faux cedar shingles give you many great

Patented PanelThermometer for precise installation; TrueTexture finish Designed and tested to withstand hurricane force winds; Made of injection molded, durable polymer; 3 4" Panel Projection .100" Thick; Molded Perimeter Lock helps create a virtually seamless appearance; Virtually maintenance free, never

See why Grayne products offer the perfect alternative to natural cedar shingles. Find out how engineered cedar shingles from Grayne offer a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty.

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Last but not least, concrete roofing shingles are fast becoming both an industry and homeowner favorite. For starters, they can be made to almost perfectly mimic just about any other material, including all types of ceramic and wood shingles. Add to that the fact that once they are installed they are virtually maintenance free,

3-Tab Fiberglass Shingles. For years of both style and maintenance-free protection with durable construction, these economical shingles are fire and wind resistant. Get an attractive, smooth, and solid appearance from its traditional square-tab, self-sealing design. Presidential Shake Shingles

Portsmouth Shake & Shingles siding gives you beautiful form and function plus real color, texture and shape options—whether you choose Cedar, Hand-Split Shake, Perfection, Staggered Edge or Half Round styles. You'll end up with siding that eliminates maintenance and stops traffic, and a home exterior with depth

Wood Siding. Wood siding is available in a variety of styles from shingles to panels. Fiber Cement siding is another maintenance free product which you can buy pre-painted or paint yourself. Durable Hardie board siding can mimic almost any other siding material, including cedar shingles, lap boards, and wood siding.

Synthetic shingles for steep slope roofs are lightweight, impact resistant, insect resistant and impervious to freeze and thaw cycles. In addition, synthetic shingles for steep slope roof are rated for wind resistance up to 110 mph and often are Class A rated. Finally, synthetic shingles for steep slope roof are maintenance-free

Natural preservative oils make Red Cedar shakes and shingles virtually imperishable and maintenance-free. Manufactured roofing products simply cannot duplicate the genuine endurance, homespun charm, and understated elegance qualities of genuine cedar shakes and shingles. Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. is a

Additionally, all our roofing materials are virtually maintenance free, come with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, and are more cost-effective than natural cedar or slate products. Choose from an industry-leading selection of shingles, widths, colors, and blends. DaVinci composite shake and slate roofs have a natural,

For more than 30 years, we've continued to advance our technologies to keep roofs beautiful and virtually maintenance free. Corning testing and experience with algae resistance protection; Is available on a wide variety of shingle styles and colors — ask your contractor for specifics; Has a limited 10-year warranty .

Plastic Shingles are low cost & maintenance free. Read more here. Compare quotes from up to four local home service companies, no sign-up required. Get quotes. What are Plastic Shingles? Cost of Plastic Shingles; Eco-Friendly; Maintenance of Plastic Shingles; Common Concerns with Plastic Shingles