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UPM ProFi Deck. PROPERTY. TEST METHOD. TYPICAL VALUE. Density, g cm3. EN ISO 1183 . 1,1. Bending Strength, N mm2. EN 310 . 13. Falling mass impact, J (1kg 1500mm). EN 477 Surface Hardness (Brinell), N mm2 UPM ProFi Deck is manufactured from a new generation of wood plastic composite material.

Full-text (PDF) a b s t r a c t The relationship between Brinell hardness and tensile strength of wood plastic composites (WPC) as a function of wood filler content was investigated. The sawdust flour was compounded semi-structural building products, such as decking, siding, and. roofing [1 4]. Along the

The Janka Hardness Test is a measure of the hardness of wood. The Janka Test was developed as a variation of the Brinell hardness test. of OC Deck & Patio installed a beautiful Decking.com deck for these Southern California homeowners who were originally considering a composite material.

WPC ( Wood Polymer Composite) profiles intended for the production of decking It is entitled to the right of use of the Collective Certification Mark CTB WPC Decking under the conditions requested in the General Rules and the Regulations of the Mark. In case of Hardness Brinell hardness : HB = 60 MPa. Recovery rate

Technical data Horizontal & vertical bamboo Strand woven bamboo; Density: - 700 kg m3 - 1030 kg m3; Brinell hardness: 4.0 kg mm² 9.5 kg mm²; Moisture content: 8.3 % at 23°C and 50% relative humidity 8.3 % at 23°C and 50% relative humidity; Emission class: Klasse E1 (LT 0,124 mg m3, EN 717-1) Class E1 (LT

Dimensional change due to changes in relative humidity (max.) 0.2mm m (0.75mm per 3.6m board). Brinell hardness. Tested in accordance with EN 1534. The Brinell Hardness number is 4.6 N mm² and this is comparable to such timber species as American Oak, Canadian Maple and Jarrah. Certification. FSC. Guarantee.

UPM ProFi is an environmentally innovative composite material that combines the best qualities of plastic and harmful chemicals. Hollow composite profile made by extrusion technology. Standard mm. Standard Lengths m. Weight kg m. Decking Board. 28 x 150. 4.0. 2.8 Surface Hardness (Brinell), N mm2. EN 1534 .

same time flexural strength (MOR) and modulus of elasticity (MOE) were determined. The result showed that, regardless of the filler loading, all the relationships between Brinell hardness and tensile hardness of polymer composites filled with CW flour were significant. Key words: polymer composite; tensile strength; Brinell

The test measures the effect of pressing a small steel ball (with a diameter of 10mm) similar to high-heels or furniture legs, into the flooring with 100KN (220.5 lbs) of fixed force. More than 50 impressions are made on several samples of the wood. The diameter and depth of the indentations are carefully measured to