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How much should I pay for labor on a 10×20 deck to be built.. I have materials. Reply. Ahmad says: April 25, 2016 at 12:40 pm. What's a fair labor cost for a brand new deck and rainscape install? Materials of decking is , Rail is , structure is wood. Deck is 21 wide and 12 in length and attaches to

If you want the tub on a deck more than a couple of feet above ground or on an upper level of a deck, things get more complicated. You'll need to hire a structural engineer to provide specs for a site-specific framing structure to support the weight. Expect to pay an engineer $300 to $500 for these services. The necessary

Garden Decking How Much Should You Pay? Cheap boards coupled with poor quality installation methods, such as driving screws and nails through the face of the timber, can absolutely ruin the product, leaving the garden How much does it cost to supply and install timber decking to a typical garden in the UK?

The average deck size is 10×12 feet (basic rectangular design), and you can expect to pay $35 per sq. ft. for construction. This price includes excavation and site preparation. However, if you want a different design, you can expect to pay a premium price for construction. Note, that all deck building projects

You also need to pay attention to the complete item description for each task. If the book lists a productivity rate for framing a 2x10-joist system, for example, does that time include installing the ledger, the rim board, and the joist hangers? If you can't tell from the description, you can look to see if related

You can do it yourself, but if you pay a pro, expect to pay roughly $1,250. Permits & Insurance. Many municipalities require permits for a new deck. Furthermore, some insurance companies will raise your homeowner's insurance once the deck is installed. As such, you must research all permit and insurance

3 Average cost to build a deck includes total expenses for labor and materials for basic deck construction. 4 Difference in cost indicates you savings or how much more you should expect to pay in percentage equivalent for building a certain type of a deck based on materials used in comparison with cedar or redwood deck.

How many deck projects have you built? Who will handle any required permits? Who will contact the public utilities and have underground lines marked? May I visit a site you're currently working on? How early and late in the day will workers be here? What would the payment schedule be like? What type

From the book, Decks: Your Guide to Designing & Building. Pin For basic designs using the least expensive lumber, you can expect to pay from about $6 to $8 per square foot of deck area. Even if you Doing it yourself, you can build an 8x10-foot ground-level deck from treated lumber for about $500 in materials. Having