how to extend floor beams

When it's undesirable for the sewer line to extend below the bottom of the floor joists, the best option is to run the pipe parallel -- between two joists. This is a typical concern when plumbing a second-story bathroom, because you don't want a drain line visibly dropping into the room below. In most instances, it's not feasible to

When I drew my floors in, I selected "extend floor to core". When I look in section, the floor edge stops at the inside face of my wall core. How can I get the floor to extend out to the outside face of my core (such as a traditional floor framing system where the floor joists sit on top of the wall studs below)?

R502.3.2 Other floor joists. Table R502.3.1(2) shall be used to determine the maximum allowable span of floor joists that support all other areas of the building, other than sleeping rooms and attics, provided that the design live load does not exceed 40 psf (1.92 kPa) and the design dead load does not exceed 20 psf (0.96

Utterly standard - the subfloor goes on, then the walls go up. Doing it any other way is rather fraught with difficulties to no benefit. You've got the general idea, though it is not really critical on the cross-joist direction (as pictured) and often the parallel to the joist direction is solved by putting blocking between

To secure the loose end of a floorboard, a new batten should be screwed alongside the old joist, extending it under the unsupported board which can then be firmly screwed down on top. Boards also sometimes warp. The surface of twisted boards can be levelled by planing or by using a floor sander, once