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To capture a 360-degree view of the water over the high dunes, we built a rooftop deck of mahogany, suspended over a rubber membrane roof. On the side facing the ocean, the building has a two-story elevated deck; part of the top-story deck is framed as a stacked double cantilever that supports a large

The couple bought the penthouse unit at 22 S. Front Street in November after getting a look at the floor plan and the enormous roof deck. “We had never seen such a large, private roof deck with amazing views available in a big city,” Mark said. There was one other feature that caught their eye. “You just

Located between State Street and Central Street in Boston's Financial District, Market is a lounge and New American-style dining establishment that picks up some serious business on late nights and weekends as a social hotspot for its upscale business clientele. Market hosts lots of after-work cocktails

Unit 6 7 at 338 Beacon Street has been on and off the sales market since August 2011—though, for a long stretch there from 2012 to 2015, it was off the market. It's back on now after a pending sale in early 2015 apparently fell through.

Larger and more extensive decks are more typical in most markets and cost an average $32,000, but add an average $44,000 in revenues. Roof decks add an average of 6 to 8 percent to the value of a home. Of course those returns can vary dramatically depending on the view and how tricked out the deck

Before calling in a contractor, though, you should hire a structural engineer to make sure the roof structure can support the weight of a deck and any plantings you intend to Questions about repairs or redecorating in preparation for putting a home on the market may be sent to marketready

Deck roofs are worth every extra penny of your deck or patio investment. These roofs increase the use of your deck or patio by ten fold. If your entertainment area is in the sun, you can sit in comfort on the sunniest and hottest days. Screen in the roof area and enjoy your deck well into the evening without a pesky bug or bug

One of the most memorable deck replacements occurred on a small building that had never had a roofing system; three successive coatings were sprayed directly onto the metal deck, which had to be replaced entirely after a relatively short service life. Some decking is so old that the profiles are no longer

A rooftop deck addition can return double-digit profits in some markets. When Conrad Lifsey and his partner, Derek Loftin, who own a luxury RV rental company in Palm Springs, bought a house 2015 in a property development called Sol, what sealed the deal for them wasn't inside, but up on the roof.

Roof decks are the height of urban-living outdoor luxury. Every new homeowner wants a roof deck, and AGA is happy to supply a beautiful view of Center City Philadelphia! According to Market Watch, a roof top deck addition can return double-digit profits i.

Photo 1 Typical steel deck over bar joist construction. performance. Photo 2 Failed roof deck after a Factory Mutual- style uplift There are several steel deck profiles or types available on the market today. These decks are typically known as type “A” (or “NR”), “B” (or “WR”), “F” (or “IR”), or “N” (or “3DR”) deck. Table 2

A crucial part of our complete system. VELUX skylight flashing kits are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time. We offer a variety of skylight flashing systems to ensure a weathertight fit for virtually all roof types and slopes. Note: Skylight flashing systems are not required for

Cordeck steel roof deck products serve as the structural substrate in roof construction. Installed directly over structural steel, and provides a solid work surface for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and roofing materials. Four popular types including B deck, F deck, N deck, and A deck in a variety of gauges are

Wind Uplift: There is More to Consider Than the Roofing System Alone - What You Should Know About Roofing Over Steel Decks By SPRI's Steel Deck TaskforceIt was only a Steel decking sold in the roofing market is commonly supplied without any certification as to Grade, and this is where things get a little confusing.

Inside Most Expensive Homes On Annapolis Market - Annapolis, MD - The Chesapeake Bay home has 300-degree water views, a roof deck and more. Inside one of the top homes on the market in the Annapolis area.

Fiberglass is a common material for decks in my region of coastal New Jersey, especially when the deck is installed over living space, or when the client wants a porch roof that provides maximum protection from the weather. But when I talk to builders from other parts of the country, I find that this practice is

Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio If you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes allow setting it directly on the slab and, if so, is the concrete After inserting the bolt, secure the post anchor by adding a washer and nut and tightening with a wrench.