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Roof decks are a common element of contemporary architecture, as outdoor living space expands onto flat (low-slope) rooftops. Seattle's roof decks are some of our most attractive gathering spaces, often providing stunning views of our beloved mountains, lakes and Puget Sound. Adjustable pedestal supports and modular

VersiJack adjustable deck & paver pedestals are an economical replacement for brick, metal or wood substructures when installing raised pavers or decking for low to very high applications. Raised podium floors allow for rapid drainage, easy accessibility to waterproofing membrane and concealed services below.

Searching for a bison pedestal system? Elevated Deck Systems offers carious forms of commercial and residential elevated deck designs to meet your every need.

Installing Adjustable Pedestal Systems. Pedestal deck illustration and design drawing of how to use pedestals to support a rooftop deck. Pedestal systems are designed to support decking or pavers over any waterproofed roof surface. The pedestals are made of high density polypropylene, so they are impervious to water,

Possibilities are endless when designing and building plaza decks using Westile ScrewJack Pedestals. The ScrewJack system's elevation range of 1 16 inch to 24 inches allows for building plaza decks over almost any sloping or difficult surface. Installing pavers is efficient! Building plaza decks over occupied space has

We ended up utilizing was a raised pedestal and paver type rooftop deck assembly for the “hard” surface deck areas and then developing a system to creating a flat, raised surface where we could apply the synthetic turf. Our concept was based on the traditional pedestal system but to incorporate cost

Pedestal systems make it easy to create level deck patios on pitched roof surfaces, and allow deck patios to hide roof extrusions and mechanicals.

Order DECK TO GO Adjustable Pedestal Support DTG-S3 PEDESTAL SYSTEM 8''X8''X4.5'' SUPPORT, delivered right to your door.

Looking for a pedestal supported decking system? Elevated Deck Systems offers carious forms of commercial and residential elevated deck designs to meet your.

D. Installation or anticipated installation of additional heavy roof top feature such as, planters, benches, water features, hot tubs, industrial equipment etc. must be supported directly by additional pedestals that are in addition to the main deck paver pedestal system. Failure to adequately support the additional weight of any

The Iron Woods Roof Deck Tile Pedestal System provides unique and cost effective tile and pedestal solutions for the construction of roof top decks.

By using an elevated paver system, water is channeled away from the roof surface, reclaiming lost space. Hanover has developed several pedestal systems to achieve level plaza deck surfaces even those with unusual slope-to-drain configurations. Hanover Pedestal Systems are created to work together to