calculating meters of a deck

Step 5: Does your deck require a roof? If you require a roof over your deck, enter the size in square meters. The default of $200 per square metre is an estimate for roofs made of timber and Colorbond or timber and polycarbonate.

Dance Floor Size Calculator. Calculating What Size Floor You Need For Your Event. DOWNLOAD SIZE GUIDE. This section will help you determine what size dance floor you will need for your event and will assist you calculating how many tiles or panels you will need. FOR DANCEDECK AND DANCEDECK DELUXE 1ft

Rail Calculator. The lengths of each side of a deck often vary. As a result, the post spacings for a railing will vary as will the length of the railing section that fits between each post. This tool will save you time and show you how far apart to set your balusters from each other and from each post so the balusters appear perfectly

How to estimate deck flooring and the number of boards needed. Estimating deck flooring materials begins with finding the square footage of your project. You can multiply the deck length in feet times the width in feet to find the square footage. See our square footage calculator for tips on calculating the square footage of

1Deck. Enter deck width and length. Use the arrows to increase and decrease the values mobile users please enter manually. Increase Deck Width: metres Decrease. Increase Deck Length: metres Decrease. Increase. Board Width: 125, 150. mm. Decrease

It helps to think in terms of the number of linear metres required to cover an area of 1 square metre, (1m x 1m). To calculate this, first assume that the 1m 'length' of the area is always covered by 1m long decking boards. Then, establish how many boards need to be laid side by side to cover the areas 1m 'width'. As we allow

Calculating Deck board for the deck. To calculate your requirements as a general rule simply multiply the area of the deck by 7, this will give you the approx lin meters of 144mm width deck board to do the job. For example lets say you wish to build a deck 5mt x 4mt, the area is 5 X 4 = 20 sq m. The linear meters will be:

In order to calculate your own floor load width you will need an idea of the size of deck that you want to build. As a practical exercise we will choose a deck that is 10 metres long and 6 metres wide. The deck will have four bearers of continuous span running the 10 metre length of the deck. Two are on the

Just use our simple VINTAGE deck calculator below to get an idea of how many plastic decking boards your project requires. As well as the boards themselves, you will also need our METRIC?! How About Imperial! Use this converter to change the inches measurement to metres: Length in Inches: Length In Metres:

24 Stumps 160 x 160 x 500 = 12 linear metres ~ 0.31 m³ 1528 Centres (along bearer) 24 footings 600 deep x 300 diameter = 1.02 m³ Concrete in footings. STUMP Running set-out points along Deck ~ along Bearer (to near side of each stump) 100, 1628, 3156, 4684, 6212, 7740 Mark-out. STUMP Running set-out