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Low-Cost Deck Drainage: Landscape membrane and off-the-shelf gutters keep the space below new and existing decks dry - Professional Deck Builder Convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio by installing this simple, under-the-deck roof and gutter system. .. Diy under deck ceiling. Under

This is an inexpensive way to put a ceiling under your deck. The actual ceiling systems are VERY expensive. This looks decent, does a decent job at about 25%

Don't lift a finger without our time-tested guidance on making all the right choices for this popular outdoor project. Use stakes and string to outline your deck's footprint and visualize how much yard space it will cover. .. It must be bolted, not nailed, to the house's structure, and fully flashed to keep the wood from rotting.

Expert advice on deck waterproofing systems that protect the area beneath an outdoor deck from rainwater. They help to prevent puddles from forming and enable the surface to dry more quickly after rain and snowstorms. deck Michael writes on homeowner DIY projects and how-tos for .

This meant the patio cover could start at the edge of the house's roof at a height of eight feet and slope down to seven feet, leaving a clearance of more .. The most difficult part was getting the upper end of the metal sheets to go under the drip edge and roof decking of the house and to butt up against a

Add a skylight to the adjacent room to avoid the loss of light that will happen when you enclose your deck. Remove railings if you want a floor-to-ceiling screened porch, which gives you an unobstructed view. Bug-proof the floors, too! To keep tiny critters from climbing into your new porch from below, attach a fine mesh

We spend most of our time on our upper deck, but occasionally entertain on the patio below. When we do spend time on the patio, we have I've seen several DIY projects for privacy fences, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money or put a ton of effort into this project. Paul (the hubs), was going to be doing

Under Deck Drainage Made Inexpensive. I'm looking to make a SLIDING DECK ON TOP OF MY SWIMMING POOL a sliding deck because I hardly use the pool, but I want to keep it. I live in Kissimmee, Florida. We have a beautiful flag stone patio below our deck, but we can't ever use it during the rain!