wood stairs over existing concretes

Solid Wood Stair Treads Over Concrete. Apr 27, 2012 9:41:38 AM. "Can solid wood treads be installed over existing concrete steps?" - It's rare that a day goes by and we're not asked this question, and the answer is more a choice of words "can" they, or "should" they, and if I'm going to do it anyway, what's the "best" way?

What are your options for building a deck over concrete stairs? You can demolish the The first step to building over a concrete stoop is to install a ledger board on both sides of the stoop. You will essentially over Concrete Steps. Here is an example of ripping down joists to rest on top of an existing concrete staircase.

Concrete (or masonry) steps are commonly built between a garage that is on grade and a home which is on a basement or crawl space type foundation. This is fine unless you decide to convert your garage into living space and you are confronted with how to cover the masonry stairs with wood so that they

I would like to cover the concrete stairs from the patio to the house in wood. I'm pretty But the issue i'm concerned about as I do internet searches is people saying that the wood will rot over time, it has to be pressure treated wood, etc. etc. I guess . Can you post a photo of the existing concrete steps. 2.

Determined to build wooden steps like these over my existing ugly concrete ones at the back door. One day I'll get off my ass and do it <_>

It is applied over the main floor structure, although in some cases the floor itself can provide the necessary base for the floor covering. The most common subfloors are made of ply, which is laid on a wooden floor, hardboard (also laid on wood), and self-leveling compound (on a concrete floor). Existing Floor: Concrete

How to Add Concrete to Existing Concrete. Over time, concrete hardens and becomes less porous. Hardening can cause imperfections. Additionally, concrete can sink into the underlying ground. Hardening or sinking can make a concrete slab

Hi Everyone! I'm about to cover a typical indoor concrete staircase with wooden treads (mai daeng), and only using this on the treads, leaving the exposed concrete on the riser, It needs a good coverage so zigzag the adhesive all over the bottom of the step then weight down with blocks for a day.