8x8 treated wood posts

Category: Fence Posts and Drivers Subcategory: CCA-Treated Wood Posts SKU: PM971 Item: 1x6x16 Southern Yellow Treated Pine Lumber - Rough-cut. Packaging: 105 bdl Contact Customer Service for shipping and delivery options 1-800-230-0024. Price: $8.75 ea. CCA-treated Wood Post - 5 inch PERFECT x 10ft.

We stock a giant inventory of treated timbers in Houston for delivery to anywhere nationwide. We also 6x6's from 8' to 28'; 8x8's from 8' to 40'; 10x10's from 12' to 44'; 12x12's available up to 44' Timber Trusses; Rafter Tails; Corbels; Beams; Mantles; Drilled Fence Posts; Support Saddles (Industrial Wood Products).

All SYP stock treated with MicroPro; All common grades and dimensions of SYP plus the ability to source any other needs; Red Pine Poles and Pilings treated for Severe Service conditions; "Ground Contact” Incised Eastern Hemlock landscape timber. First treatment plant in North America FSC certified and we carry FSC

Ideally, wood posts are not in contact with the ground, so it does not sit for extended amounts of time in water or wet ground. Even with the best design and installation efforts, the possibility of the post getting fairly wet is high, just because it is outside. A pressure-treated wood or cedar post withstands the weather exposure

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Manufacture & Supplier of pressure treated wood Posts, Poles, Pilings, Lumber and Timber. We ship across the country or across the world. Locations in Houston, Texas and Costa Rica.

Commercial treatments for structural use Lighter, more natural wood appearance improves painting and staining qualities Approved for aluminum contact The treated wood process has been certified by SCS as an Environmentally Preferable Product Building code compliant ICC-ES, ESR-2240, third party inspected by SPIB