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How much pool resurfacing should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Re-plastering the interior surface of an average residential in-ground pool (10000-20000 gallons or 14'x28' to 16'x32' and 3.5'-5' deep) with standard white plaster or

Plaster-based pool materials are cheaper, but pebble-based materials will last longer. If you're stuck on plaster or on a tight budget, O'Hanlon and Maroney say resurfacing a pool with plaster will cost $3.60 to $4 per foot, but may vary based on pool 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Water Loss in Your Pool.

If your swimming pool has gotten so rundown that you avoid it rather than dive in, consider pool resurfacing, either in fiberglass or plaster.

If you have a gunite pool, your pool shell will be made of concrete that is 8-12 inches thick. A final finish will have been applied to the surface of the gunite. Typical finishes used are plaster, tile, Diamond Brite, or Pebbletek. This topcoat generally lasts up to 15 years. When you resurface your pool, it is this topcoat that is

Any time is the right time for pool deck resurfacing. These beautiful new coverings will make swimmers feel like they're in a fabulous resort.

Taking the time to resurface a concrete pool deck will instantly bring a renewed and enhanced sense of beauty to your backyard and the costs for If you have decided to stamp patterns into your concrete resurfacing compound make sure to apply the stamp as you work your way across your pool deck.

Resurfacing a Gunite pool. Postby Dood Sat 16 Jan, 2010 11:58. Marcite is not a DIY job whereas painting is. Painting is cheap (relatively) and easy to do, though longevity is questionable. If you need a quick, cheap fix then go for paint. If you want it to last go for a plaster-type resurfacing (by

Alternatives To Pool Replastering. Maintaining the liner is one of the hidden costs of pool ownership; however, homeowners have several alternatives to replastering their pool. Replastering offers the most cost effective way to resurface your pool, but you can save time with temporary fixes such as patching

See the time to resurface a pool, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See what trusted professionals include in job-winning estimates for pool resurfacing work. The Homewyse pool resurfacing calculator uses industry-standard methods and up-to-date, professionaly screened cost data to deliver realistic and

Good pool contractors have to walk away from work constantly, because they know their prices will be higher than that of shoddy competitors who will skimp on the prep. So, if your pool needs resurfacing, invite several contractors to recommend ways to repair your pool. Tell them you aren't price shopping, but that you are

The good news is, there are likely way more options for resurfacing now than when your pool was first built. With a brand new finish, you can As mentioned, plaster is commonly used for backyard swimming pools, largely because it's cheap and relatively durable. While not known for its looks, white plaster

Learn how to repair cracks, remove stains, and renovate your concrete pool deck to impress your pool party guests this year. gross) stains from your pool but also what you can do to really make it look its best. That way both you and any of your guests will look out at your pool area and be truly impressed.

All companies must build in enough margins in the pool pricing to fix any potential mistakes. The reality of any industry, whether it is pools, homes, retailers, etc is that those who have the cheapest prices will never be able to give the best service. That's just how it works, and it has been that way since the

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Fibre Tech Swimming Pool Resurfacing will outlast other swimming pool resurfacing methods, however. It consists of an Owens Corning Fiberglass mat encased between three layers of specially manufactured resin. The six-step process can be applied quickly to any structurally sound surface from concrete

who gives a FK if the FDA approves anything. this lady sounds like a cheap fkn jew trying to save a buck paint is the way to go - i painted mine with pool paint from home depo for 75 dollars lasted 4 years and im gonna paint it again you all do the math 125 dollar water bill (refill) 75 dollars for paint and 4