best floor for outdoor play areas

Playground flooring can help keep kids safe while they play, and we offer a variety of outdoor rubber mats, mulch, and other playground surfaces at great prices. At the end of a slide or under a swing, playground mulch can be easily pushed out of place, which is why these are good places to put outdoor rubber mats.

Looking for answers about modern playground spaces? We discuss the pros and cons of the top sustainable playground surfaces to help you choose.

Playground Flooring. Pro-Techs Surfacing specializes in the sale, design and installation of safe playground flooring. Our safety surfacing products are specialty coatings made with finematerials produced with indoor and outdoor play areas in mind. All recreational and playground flooring products we offer provide a

Indeed, some of the best learning experiences come from them trying out new things and extending themselves. This means You still sometimes find concrete under play equipment in old public playgrounds, and the only winners here are the local medical centres, who gain unnecessary young clients.

Outdoor play is important for younger children. It gives them a valuable opportunity to explore their environment, free and unencumbered from the constraints of furniture. All children love to be outside on a warm day. There is a whole new world of sensory stimulation out there, from grass and flowers,

Our renowned PlayBound Poured-in-Place is the leading safety playground surface and comes with a 7-year or 10-year warranty. It has virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our versatile EverTop is commonly used in play areas outside of equipment use zones. PlayBound TurfTop has a natural grass look with no

Recreational Surfacing Products. Are you looking to buy outdoor surfaces for playgrounds in PA or elsewhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico? If so, you've probably put safety at the top of your list of priorities. You also want to be sure that the playground surfacing materials you select are durable and

Products 1 - 48 of 77 Rubber playground tiles are a popular option for outdoor play spaces. These tiles are made from recycled rubber, usually from used car and truck tires. Rubber flooring is highly durable and most rubber flooring tiles carry warranties of 5 years or more. The life expectancy of rubber tiles is closer to 20

Our synthetic lawn range is great for playground flooring at schools and nurseries - all with a low friction finish. Visit today for more.

If you are looking for solid but safe protective surfaces for playgrounds, look no further than the "Eco-Safety" rubber flooring tiles. Coming in at 2.5" thick and a uniform size of 20" x 20" each, they are the perfect choice for comfort and safety. These outdoor tiles also have the added benefit of being made from recycled rubber,

Are you looking to install safety surfacing at your school or nursery? Here are 3 of the best safety surfaces which we would recommend.

Spring is the universal time of year where it is beautiful outside and families end their winter hermit ways and come out to play. As the season is just beginning, it's the perfect time to think about putting in your very own playground, or updating your old, outdated equipment. When it comes to playgrounds,

Both engineered products offer the beauty of natural veneer along with easy installation. But if you have a busy family and you're re-flooring a high-traffic area—think dragged and dropped toys and food, high chairs, and spilled drinks—you'll want durability as well as looks. The best solid wood, laminate, and vinyl in our