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We have teak decking only in the cockpit and bridge deck. There can be problems with an older teak decking if not maintained or not properly installed. The boards in older boats were screwed in and the screw holes can come back later to leak. When teak gets dried out it can split. If you wash down a teak

The improvements in adhesives over the past 15 years or so means that modern teak decks are not mechanically fastened to the boat with screws, which fortunately means there's less risk of water finding its way into the deck's foam or balsa core and causing significant structural damage. However these

Opinion seems to be divided on whether teak decks on a boat are good or bad. Personally I love them providing they are properly laid necessary depending on which deck caulking you use. I prefer the Sikaflex products but the 290DC can be hard to come by in the USA but is readily available in Europe.

I am working on a 60 foot classic boat de and re caulking the teak deck. The job now is to remove all (over 1000) the 10mm plugs and screws, re counterbore and replace the screws and plugs. The reason for removing is where the deck has worn, some of the screws are showing, and many of the plugs are

Hello, I am helping my grandfather to fix leaks on the teak deck of his 48-1 2ft. prototype boat for the Columbia 50. Most of the teak plugs are shot and the bronze screws have become corroded. My grandfather had hired a carpenter to help fix some of the leaks, and his work was quite sloppy. He used West

Begin with a caulking space and then position the teak strip. When you have two pieces of decking joining end for end, square cut the ends and position a plastic caulking spacer between the two strips. Once you have your first 3 lengths of teak decking positioned, screw wood screws with large flat washers into the sub deck

Below are some of our recommended Deck Fasteners and information about their benefits. This includes Stainless Steel Screws, Clips, EB_TY, and Plugs.

My 28 year old Bene has teak inserts on the cockpit seats. They are beginning to leak through the fiberglass at the little screw holes, and the black caulk is coming up in places too. I can see the leaks because - given the vintage of the boat - the crummy headliner in those areas was removed and epoxy

For these reasons, the GB's are great candidates for those looking for a quality cruising boat in the used market. We have Teak Decks. Teak decks are often overlooked. There are two areas of concern: the condition of the wood plugs that cover the screws, and the condition of the black seam compound. If the screws are

There must be a hundred teak deck plugs missing from my decks. The problem is the deck What method would you recommend to really clean out the holes and should I attemp to replace the plugs or just fill the screw holes with 291DC of something else. you desire. Its available at Waste or Boat US.

Shipwright Louis Sauzedde continues his work on a Herreshoff 12 1 2 RHODE ISLAND RED. In part 2, Lou shows his method for easily removing screws from the planks on a historic wooden sailboat. Lou also shows how to remove cotton caulking by twisting the exposed thread. Brought to you by

There are other considerations before you decide on a teak deck. They weigh more: the caulking is surprisingly heavy, not to mention the wood and the thousands of screws. Perhaps what worries me most about laid decks on glassfibre boats is that you have to make thousands of holes in an otherwise

Discover why you should choose , a synthetic teak decking over traditional teak decking. From lower It is often fitted with glue and screws. Synthetic Beautiful appearance synthetic teak decking for boats has the good looks of teak, and is available in over 30 different shade combinations. Whether

I was replacing 100 screws and teak plugs every year, which is a tedious task. With another 15,000 miles and three or four years to go before we completed our circumnavigation, it was obvious that the deck would have to be replaced before we sell the boat. Ready to have the old deck removed. Thailand is renowned for

Wood screws of this variety are used for joining wooden parts and attaching fittings securely. Stainless steel screws designed for boat building and the marine industry in general are able to withstand exposure to water with exceptional Deck Screws for Boat Building Available at Marsh Fasteners.

Dear Boat Doctor, I am having problems with the teak deck on my Baba 40. The deck isn't leaking but I am losing the plugs that cover the screws. Some of the plugs are out, others are loose. How can I keep from losing them all? Charlie R,Boat Doctor.

After all pieces of teak planking have been milled, cut, fitted, and installed with screws in the adhesive sealant caulk bedding material (Boatlife LifeCaulk adhesive sealant, Chances are that if the boat has been cruised, sea water is trapped under the teak planking between the plank and the fiberglass decking.