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Will I have problems running 16' deck boards through a planer and will I get a nice result? Will the . Without investigating what kind of cool machines there are; why not take a hand held belt sander, fasten it to something, possibly weigh it down, put some fences around and then send a board through.

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I'm going to build a deck-like walkway runing the timbers longwise along the path, with a pressure treated 4×4 placed widthwise every 4 ft to elevate the timbers. Anyway, as you probably know, landscape timber is not a very refined product. WHile most of them have very few spits, the faces of the lumber is

Ever find yourself short on material and that one board you really need has a nice open knot in it? You could always go out and buy more material, but sometimes its just easier and faster to stabilize and repair the knot. And instead of trying to hide the knot, sometimes its just better to embrace it, and make it

Chisels :45; Hand Planes 2:14; Measuring Tools 2:47; Bevel Gauge 3:23; A Bornemann Layout Template 5:12; Chalk Line 3:44; Hand Saws 5:36; Mallet 5:58; Safety 6:27. Video Transcript . In this video, we're going to answer a question that was posed to us on our Q&A site, and the question was, “What

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Stripping paint using planer. My neighbor is tearing out chunks of his deck and like the garbage man I am I am going to scavenge what lumber is still usable. Once you get the paint off then you can address the accurate thicknessing in other ways - thickness planers, router sleds, hand planes, etc.

Working with pallet wood is all the rage these days. It makes sense. Pallet wood is typically free, and can yield some great looking material. Couple that with the fact that you're recycling (or upcycling) and it's a win-win. The problem? Getting the pallets apart. We'll help you out with that.

Now I run all of my deck boards through a power planer prior to installation, skimming off the least amount possible. If a planer isn't available, or if the decking is crowned, a hand planer can be used, though you might need to clean up the boards a bit afterward with a belt sander to remove the planer marks.

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I have tried everything from Japanese cut saws to expensive planes and still have not come up with a solution. A belt sander will From contributor H: I had about 15,000 ipe plugs to cut on a deck in the Bahamas some time ago. But again, knowing how to sharpen and tune hand tools comes into play.

Timber. Western Red Cedar. To some woodworkers, cedar ranks high as the wood of choice for building decks. Others rely on it for lining closets or cigar humidors. How can one The northern variety proves less dense than western red cedar, contributing to good workability with power and hand tools. The wood tends to

Time was, a hand plane was an indispensable tool, used to smooth, shape, and straighten just about every piece of wood in a house. The typical carpenter lugged around a whole chestful of planes, each with its own special function. Today, power tools — routers, jointers, belt sanders, and power planers — do the same

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Smooth rough lumber, clean up sawn edges and reclaim salvaged boards with a wood planer. Learn all If you do any remodeling, deck building or woodworking, you'll never regret the investment in a wood planer. In this article, we'll On rough lumber, you can feel the fibers by running your hand over the board. It will be