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Interior Products PET Felt Furniture We develop products by todays standards. This means we produce efficiently, use the full lifecycle of products and eventually give them a new life. Our emphasis lies on making a product that works, by setting a variety of conditions; it should be legible, accessible, but also

Reuse of materials and waste recycling are one of the basic principles that the world famous Swedish brand IKEA adheres to. The company pays much time and effort to find ways to give used plastic, wood, paper and other materials a new life. This helps to ease the burden on the environment and take

Urban Junket's t.o.t.e. {to observe the earth} collection is made from 100% coated cotton canvas on the exterior and rPET (a nylon-like material made from recycled plastic bottles) on the interior lining. Q: What does "rPET" stand for? rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET. PET is a strong,

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Sherwin-Williams has developed three new paints made from recycled PET bottles and soybean oil. Sherwin-Williams has added three sustainable paints to their repertoire, including the ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd that boasts a VOC content of less than 50 grams per litre. Since 2010

Millions of PET bottles are being used all around the world. Some are used as disposable bottles, others like in Germany are used as returnable bottles. The returnable ones are getting collected and send back to a recycling circuit. Not all of this collected material is recyclable or let's say good enough to be

Today, the utilization of recycled materials is matter-of-fact, although in virtually no other sector is it quite as advanced as it is in the case of the manufacture of man-made Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene (PET), a form of polyester that is mostly associated with a fabric used in clothing and interiors.

Pentatonic plans to buy its furniture from consumers when they no longer want to have it, thus preventing waste and acquiring materials for further production processes. Old furniture can be recycled and put into use again, so why throw it to landfill? PET lamps. Milan Design Week is also a right place to find

When recycled, they can be converted into polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carpet fiber. Our state-of-the-art process sorts the plastic bottles, chops up the plastic into little chips, vigorously cleans the chips and then melts them into polyester resin. The fiber is cut and shipped to Mohawk carpet manufacturing facilities to

Form Us With Love, in collaboration with IKEA, has created Kungsbacka, the first kitchen fronts line entirely made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood. . Stormy hues and charcoal accents are having a big moment in interior design and kitchens are catching up to the trend.Exuding modern

Clean Tech is one of Europe's leading rPET pellet and flake manufacturers. We operate the UK's largest and most technically advanced PET bottle.

Made from up to 30% plant-based material, PlantBottle packaging is a 100% recyclable bottle like traditional PET plastic. The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid demonstration vehicle uses PlantBottle Technology for fabric interior including seat cushions, backs, headrests, door panel inserts and headliners. Who developed

Furthermore, Ekous stands for innovative product design with a focus on sustainable architecture and interior application using only recycled materials. Every solution Most synthetic fibers (approximately 70%) are made from polyester, and the polyester most often used is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The majority of

Recycled plastic art sculpture interior decor design. Japanese artist Sayaka Ganz uses discarded plastic utensils, toys and tidbits to create beautiful animal sculptures. Her plastic . Fabiana Gadano Brooch: Untitled Water bottles, PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) 14 x 10 x 7 cm Recycled material. Find this Pin and

Eco-fi is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. It can go into any textile product such as clothing, blankets, carpets, wall coverings, auto interiors, home furnishings, and craft felt. Eco-fi can also be blended with other fibers, such as cotton or wool, for enhanced qualities. AN EASY

A blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, ecoFLEX exhibits the best characteristics of the polymers and wood that forms the basis for the material. ecoFLEX is the best ecoFLEX panels are constructed with inner and outer walls connected by an interior web making them stronger than a similar thickness of wood,

"We had really big trouble finding any products that actually can fit in your home, when you have pets and you care about your interiors," Hedenstedt told Dezeen. "Quite often pet products are poorly made, and often from cheap materials that break and look really bad after a while. And they are usually neon