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Translate the word fence to German. The dictionary s are English-German: fence, fences. (faenc )(2). the barrier(s). fence.

The chief of the German police union has called for a fence along the country's border to set "an example" for other countries amid the ongoing refugee crisis. Opposing Chancellor Angela Merkel's stance of welcoming those fleeing war, Rainer Wendt signalled his desire that Germany follow the Hungarian

6 days ago "First, they cover the pictures, because the blood can go all over," Hans began. "I saw a lot of duels, and fuck, there's a lot of blood." Fearing reprisals, Hans, a student, insisted on using a fake name. He also asked us not to mention the fencing fraternity he defected from in Heidelberg, Germany. "It's not a

German school close to a red-light district installs 6ft anti-prostitute fence after local sex workers continually used its grounds during opening hours. Französisches Gymnasium in Berlin builds a 400-ft long barrier costing £52,500; Officials said prostitutes were walking into the grounds and relieving

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As funny as the cases may seem, rest assured that behind them are weeks of arguments and a fair amount of insults being tossed back and forth across the picket fence. Should you end up living in Germany, however, knowing how to deal with the neighbors is vitally important. The following is a brief list of

they all had the same answer: to get to a country in the prosperous West, usually Germany. To hear them say the word — “Germany” — was like listening to a prayer. As they disappeared through cracks in a border fence, I wondered how many of them would make it and what they would find when they got

Academic fencing (German akademisches Fechten) or Mensur is the traditional kind of fencing practiced by some student corporations (Studentenverbindungen) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, and, to a minor extent, in Flanders, Lithuania, and Poland. It is a traditional, strictly regulated épée rapier fight

Dueling scars (German: Schmisse) have been seen as a "badge of honour" since as early as 1825. Known variously as "Mensur scars", "the bragging scar", "smite", "Schmitte" or "Renommierschmiss", dueling scars were popular amongst upper-class Austrians and Germans involved in academic fencing at the start of the

A Berlin school finished building a 1.8-meter (5-feet-11-inch) fence to keep street prostitutes out of its campus, German media reported this week. The Französisches Gymnasium high school lies on a side street of the German capital's notorious Kurfürstenstraße. The street is a relatively major thoroughfare

Brightly coloured garden gnomes, tomato beds, manicured little lawns these are all seen as typical of German allotment gardens or Schrebergärten. For some time now, Germany's Schrebergarten associations have welcomed members from other countries too, thus lending these allotment plots new potential for

Austria on Wednesday announced plans to build a fence at a major border crossing with fellow EU state Slovenia to "control" the migrant influx, in a blow to the EU's cherished passport-free Schengen zone. Both countries have become key transit points for tens of thousands of refugees and migrants

WE WILL manage,” said Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, in an attempt earlier this month to win public support for the refugees streaming into the country from the Hungary declared an emergency, sealed its border with Serbia with barbed-wire fences and began arresting those trying to cross.

Leipzig is looking forward to hosting the fencers from around the world. They can expect thrilling competitions, whileat the same time exploring a pulsating major city in central Germany. Fencing and Leipzig are linked by a reat tradition: In 2003 the International Fencing Federation celebrated its 90th anniversary here, and in

Worried about the upcoming opening of a refugee housing center in Leipzig, residents across the street decided to erect a fence around their apartment complex. Some, however, wonder state of Saxony. The state itself is obliged to receive 5.1 percent of all new refugees applying for asylum in Germany.

'Cologne' has become a byword for all the fears, prejudices and let's face it real problems associated with mass immigration.