how to cover an existing floor

Instead of just buying a standard-sized area rug that will only cover part of your ugly floor, with carpet tiles you can buy many and trim them so you could How have you disguised or hidden your ugly floors in your apartment or house without ripping out the old one or permanently damaging the flooring?

Installing New Hardwood Over Old Hardwood Floors. Installing new hardwood over older wood floors can be extremely time saving in lieu of removal that can become expensive, dirty, and even dangerous New hardwood over old depending on how the original floor was installed. For instance, I will look at much older floors

We renovated our kitchen and now the old tile floor looks outdated. Is there One exception is slate: If you have an old slate floor, it is probably fine as is, she said. But if you're covering tile, you might want to consider a relatively inexpensive option like woven vinyl flooring from a company like Chilewich.

I'm going to refrain from fully expressing my dismay over the idea of covering up parquet in good condition But since it IS in good condition, you should install floating flooring, with a good protective underlayment beneath, because if you install tongue & groove you will destroy the flooring underneath,

Find out how to tile over vinyl flooring on a plywood subfloor by installing cement backer board directly on top of the vinyl followed by ceramic tile.

I'm pleased as punch to tell you about the concrete floor experiment that we tried in the reading loft of The Treehouse. I love how it turned out! The texture is wonderful. The floor looks layered and feels like it has depth — but the whole surface is barely 1 8″ deep! It's easy to clean and maintain. It has the industrial look I am

Covering floor tiles is an alternative option for damaged or unsightly tile surfaces. Tiled floor covering systems eliminate tear out cost & time. For more i

Wondering how to cover up an old floor with hardwood flooring? Here's some installation guidelines for covering existing floors.

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Bumps or dips in an old floor eventually will show through the new floor. As time passes, the new floor will acquire the texture of the floor below. If removing the old floor is impractical or the rough area is too severe to use an embossing leveler, cover it with a new layer of plywood underlayment. Unless otherwise directed by

Tile demolition is such a messy endeavor and adds so much time to a bathroom remodel that you may be looking for a way to avoid it. If you decide to leave the tile, you can opt for one of two ways to handle it. The first is clean it or give it a new look by painting it. The other is to cover it with a different type of flooring.

As This Old House technical editor Mark Powers will show, in one afternoon you can turn a kitchen or playroom floor into a comfortable mat where your toes can roam free Color chips and custom paint colors hide annoying imperfections in the concrete, and antiskid additives give you the grip you need on a snowy day.

It's easier to install vinyl floor if you remove the existing floor. But if you hate the idea, you can install one over the other.

What do you do when your existing baseboards are terrible and you can't (or don't want to) take them off? You install new baseboards right over the top!

Ideally, replacing a tile floor means ripping it out and starting fresh. This process is time consuming, messy and expensive, however, so many homeowners look for more economical options. There are many ways to cover an existing tile floor, including carpet, paint and new tiles. Temporary but durable tile

Remove the shower drain cover and set it aside. Stuff a rag into the top of the drain hole. The rag prevents debris from falling down into the drain pipe. Hold one end of a bubble level on the drain opening and slide the other end of the level across the existing tile's surface. Check the floor's slope.

No need to remove the existing floor, it is a floating subfloor, impervious to moisture and a quick do it yourself option. Varnished it looks very warm. Later you .. The tiles appear to have some dark brown in them, so get a dark brown area rug to cover most of the tile. There also is an orange or apricot color