put wooden deck on flats

Next you will need to install a watertight EPMD rubber membrane over the top of the roof deck for protection against water infiltration in place of roofing materials. You will then install “sleepers” or flat 2x6's laid flat every 16” on top of the roof surface. This will provide the surface for you to attach the decking. There are

Third, is to use concrete or cement over the sub-floor & new decking, the floor needs to be real stiff to avoid future cracking. the minimum thickness is approximately 1". nail and construction adhesive glue them to the tops of the existing joists and then put new a new subfloor and a rolled asphalt roof on top

ROOF DECK. The flat or sloped surface not including its sup- porting members or vertical supports. ROOF RECOVER. The process of installing an additional roof covering ing roof covering, repairing any damaged substrate and install- ing a new . or wood shake roofing shall conform with the grading and ap- plication

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Follow these tips and you'll be able to replace a flat (low pitch) roof. Decide Single-Ply Membrane Roofs: This type is excellent but requires propane torch heat to install the seams. Replace any sections of the plywood decking that have been damaged by water or "dry-rot" (fungus) before you install a new roof. Check

A small paint roller works well to easily stain deck railings with flat surfaces. Cover the deck floor with plastic sheeting before you start. Start with the top horizontal board of the deck railing. Then coat each of the upright spindles. Use the roller with the grain of the wood. Wipe up any drips as they occur. Once you have the

However, using IB PVC Cool Flat roofing membrane, you can waterproof your deck and forget about! Here is what a well done Often there is a wood deck installed on top of a flat roof or some sort of a railing system. To make these railings DeckShield is easiest to install on new construction homes. However, it can be

Find Deck or Porch Builders in Chicago, IL to help you Build or Replace a Deck or Non-Masonry Porch. Replace a 2story wood frame porch with new. If the proper legwork is put in before the actual deck installation, Chicago homeowners will be just as happy with their new addition as any homeowner in a far milder

Do you dream of having a large deck and have a flat roof? Consider If you're considering a roof deck for your flat roof, here are some of the advantages, along with a few considerations and warnings. Benefits of On a negative note, wood costs more and needs more maintenance than other materials.

Is it harder to install? What about ongoing maintenance? Whether choosing a roof design for a new home, or replacing repairing a current flat roof, IKO Industries Underneath the basics, flat roofs are usually constructed with a ceiling, nailed to joists which support a deck (usually wood in residential construction), a vapor