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History. Before any flooring materials were invented, the ground itself served as the floor in buildings perhaps covered with straw, waste products, or furs. Some cultures used animal blood to harden their dirt floors or mint to deodorize them. Sand floors, by contrast, could be swept out and replaced when they became dirty.

Today's flooring provides myriad options for your home, which creates even more questions. Explore Improved technology and manufacturing means that flooring options are better than ever, with multiple colors, patterns and textures available in every material. Check out 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Floor.

And whatever material you choose—wood planks, ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleum, or laminate—is a chance to make a statement. Thanks to technological Of course, all kitchen flooring looks great out of the box, but the true test is what happens once real life takes over. The results of our latest tests show that

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There's nothing worse than spending your savings on a new floor only to have it go out of style in less than 5 years. If you care about “While traditional carpeting is not expecting to show tremendous growth in 2017, the one area that continues to grow rapidly is the area of carpet tiles. Not only are carpet

A staple through the first half of the 20th century, linoleum — an all-natural material made from linseed oil, resins, wood flour and more — fell out of favor as synthetic flooring came into vogue. But in recent years, its green cred and retro-cool look have caught the attention of ecoconscious consumers and

We've taken out the guesswork and chosen four flooring types that make the most sense for kitchens, and we explain why they are ideal. Cork is made from tree bark that's harvested every eight to 10 years; it's a sustainable material, meaning the bark grows back and can be harvested repeatedly. Countries that produce

Starting with floors can have many drawbacks. For starters, installing the floors throughout the kitchen, even under the cabinets, wastes flooring materials. You won't see the flooring beneath your cabinets and appliances, so why pay for the material and installation? Then, if you replace the flooring, you'd have to take out the