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Painted the deck with Behr Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing Wood Stain in Cordovan Brown. {A Pretty Life} Easy Color Makeovers for Outdoor Furniture - from Benjamin Moore Some great ideas to repaint your old outdoor wooden furniture. Find this . Decorating an Outdoor Seating Area with furniture.

Wood Most wood outdoor furniture will benefit from a mild scrubbing and rinsing at the start and finish of each season. Rinse and scrub away dirt to keep a good-looking synthetic wicker surface. Bamboo This is a no-prep, super-bond paint that works on most plastics as well as several other surfaces.

Would you believe I painted plastic outdoor chairs? Yep! I'll show you how to paint outdoor plastic chairs and give you an update on how they look 1 year later!

Outdoor furniture looking drab? Give it an affordable facelift with inspiration from these outdoor furniture makeovers that are easier than you think!

The longest-lasting paint for smooth trim (wood, composite or other manufactured type) is 100 percent acrylic latex in either gloss or semigloss. Painting trim involves a lot of time-consuming prep work and brush work, so choose a premium paint for the longest-lasting protection—gloss or semigloss 100 percent acrylic latex.

can do to revive that patio set, picnic table, garden glider, or favorite pair of lawn chairs. If your furniture is actually falling apart, it may be time to retire it. If it's structurally sound, however, no matter what it's made of, there's probably a way to freshen it up. For example, spray paint is a panacea for wood, wicker, and metal.

paint-outdoor-furniture1.jpg. 1. What supplies will you need for prepping and painting? Depending on the state of the furniture (e.g. new wood, old plastic, painted metal, painted wood) and the type of paint chosen, a variety of items should be considered. If using brush-on paint, consider using a primer

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Resin furniture is a mainstay of many patios and outdoor areas: It's weather resistant and can be less expensive than similar furnishings made of wood or metal. The downsides: The resin furniture you chose may not be a color you'd prefer, and resin and plastics are notorious for rejecting paint if the surfaces are not properly