timber with decking groove

The newest generation of hidden deck fasteners, featuring Mantis technology provides a hidden fastener solution for grooved decking made from PVC, Precise clip and board groove engagement. Selection of sizes ensures a custom fit for your specific board. TIMBERTECH (Evolutions , Twin Finish , Terrain).

offers a color match option with our TOPLoc Face Fastening system to minimize the visibility of the screws on your deck. We also offer Cortex , which allows you to face fasten and then utilize a color-matched plug made from material to cover the screw head.

Q-Grip slip resistant decking with GripDeck Technology is available ex-stock in preservative pre-treated softwood and can be made to order in our new Bangkirai, or other hardwood decking boards as required. Finally, for those who seek a more uniform colourfast alternative to timber decking there is Q-Deck SmartBoard

SMOOTH AND GROOVED SOFTWOOD DECKING BOARDS. Metsä Wood softwood decking boards are machined from high quality joinery grade timber, ensuring they will last longer and provide an extremely high quality finish. Our softwood decking boards are available either grooved on both sides or grooved one side,

Ask any builder whether you should install your decking timber with the grooved ribbed face up or down and you are likely to get a different answer! So when considering a new deck which is the best option, the reeded face or the smooth face? This primarily depends on the location of the decking, followed by personal

Decking timber usually have ridges that run along the length of the board. Also called “grooves” or “reeds”, these ridges on the board may face up to provide functionality and aesthetics. Or they may be installed facing down, the orientation recommended by manufacturers as the correct way to install them.

There is a long-standing and surprisingly fiery debate on about whether the grooves (or reeds, as they're called) on a decking board are intended to be placed face up or face down. Internet commenters have waged intense campaigns supporting one side or the other and decking installers can be found sitting in both

It's a question we are asked regularly; which are best grooved or smooth deck boards? The answer may be easier to decipher once you understand where the idea for grooved deck boards came from. In the USA, where timber decking extremely popular, the smooth deck board predominates. In Australia

Nevertheless, Grooved Boards are an ideal option if you are placing them by a pool or water feature, as the grooves allow water to run-off quickly. However, it is important to note that they are only effective for this purpose if they are used in shorter lengths. If you intend need to use longer decking lengths, Smooth Boards

Terrain Composite Decking Grooved Plank L; 6.1m, W: 136… SKU: .: (0). Terrain's capped composite decking takes scratch, stain and fade resistance to an entirely new level with warm, natural hardwood style and authentic graining. 30-year Fade & Stain Warranty. 25-year Limited Warranty