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Here's a limitation from , somewhat illogically covered under “Care and Cleaning,” that you probably never thought of: “Sunlight, which may be reflected by low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, can potentially lead to damage of exterior building products, including AZEK Deck…products, due to elevation of surface temperatures

One kit—consisting of two 10-foot-long silicone-rubber thermal blankets and one control box—is required to bend a 10-foot-long plank; use two kits for a 20-foot-long deck board. Temperatures and times vary widely, but it typically takes about 35 to 55 minutes to heat an cellular PVC deck board to its

A fact not always considered when buying composite decking is that the structural strength of bamboo or wood plastic composite decking can be severely affected by temperatures over 40 Degrees Celsius, which can reduce its normal strength by up to 45 to 50%. This effect may have adverse effects,

Over my career, I've built structures on three continents and in a wide variety of climate types. I've worked under the hot sun of Hong Kong, the dry desert of Arizona, in the long winters of Finland, and the rainy climes of the Pacific Northwest, but I haven't yet been in a place that combines elements of all of

This research was done at 1:00p.m. in NW Portland, Oregon on 7-21-16 on a full sun day with no clouds. I used a laser thermometer which is a small hand held device that you point at a surface and it immediately gives you a reading of the temperature of that surface. Here are the results: The hottest was cedar decking that

Low-E glass should contact the manufacturer of the product which contains Low-E glass for a solution to reduce or eliminate the effects of reflected sunlight. Color and Temperature. Although products are cooler to the touch than many other deck board products in similar colors, all decking products will get hot in

However, composite decking materials like Zuri PVC decking are not liable to retain any more or less heat than natural wood. Zuri Decking Temperature and Heat Retention. As stated, all decking materials will experience some level of heat retention when subjected to direct sunlight. This holds true for

With the board's temperature now at 220°F or higher, the probe is extracted, and the insulation and top blan- ket removed. The decking—now the consistency of a big, hot noodle—is quickly carried to the bending jig. a garage FLoor is a good PLace. For HeaTing. We roll out the 8-in. by 10-ft. Heatcon heating blanket on top

The Correct Temperatures for Staining Decks. It is important to know the tolerances a new deck stain will allow without hindering its performance. One of the most crucial areas of concern is with air temperature. Temperatures need to be in the safe zone while the deck stain is being applied and for 8-12

It's very important that you seal your deck in the best weather conditions and at optimal temperatures. Learn when you should seal a deck.

As a boardwalk decking material, a high thermal mass means that changing the concrete decking's surface temperature requires large amounts of heat energy. Particularly when the product is light in color, a high-density material like concrete will moderate daily temperature variations. Wood boards or