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RAILINGS. IR 24-1. References: California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 24, Part 2: California Building Code (CBC). 2001 (CBC, Section 2406.6, Table The system shall be designed so that the top rail remains in place in the event of failure of an individual glass panel. In general, glass panel railings

Deck Railing For typical rail installations, Mid-Cal utilizes either wood, glass, cable or a vinyl railing system made with top quality 100% virgin material. The railings offer great style, outstanding performance and installation flexibility.

A well designed cable railing system will enhance the view from a deck with minimal obstruction. Cable railing systems are much more bird-friendly than glass railing systems which also have enhanced views, as birds can see the cables and avoid injury. Other advantages include easier snow removal and no requirement

Providing Aluminum Railing Systems in decorative and contemporary styles for: Beach, Stairs, Platforms, Balcony, High Rise Buildings, Apartments, Ramps, Platforms, Pool, Roof Tops, Private Residents, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Aluminum Deck Railing, Patio, Porch, Ocean, Indoor, Outdoor, Exterior and Interior railing

We are very proud of the name we have forged for ourselves in the waterproofing and railing field by upholding our company values, reliability, honesty, promptness and quality. We specialize in the waterproofing of decks, walkable roof decks and powder coated Aluminum Railing systems. Deck and Railing Solutions is a

Stainless cable railing kits for the professional and diy installer. San Diego Cable Railings quality stainless cable railing systems and cable fencing.

I begin the installation with the backbone of any railing system - the posts. I place them outside the deck framework, for a few reasons; one is so that I can space the posts evenly regardless of the joist layout. Also, posts mounted this way visually break up the continuous band of 2x12 I use for a fascia and

For quality deck rails, look no further. We have the best in modern deck railing systems, including the patent pending Wedge Lock 3000.

BW Creative Railing Systems produces some of the most innovative railing and installation designs in the industry. Stonehenge Fence Their products cover a range of applications including commercial and multi-family units, interior and exterior stair rails, and also simple do-it-yourself rails for decks and patios. Click the

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Glass Panel Railing. CrystaLite glass panel railing systems create the perfect windbreak without any loss of view. Available in a number of tints, glass panels are excellent for exterior decks, balconies and stairs, yet sleek and elegant for interior railings.

Cable Rail Direct provides a wide variety of cable rail systems including ExpressRail, DesignRail and custom deck cable railing.

The California Building Code requires that residential guardrails have an opening constructed so that a 4 inch diameter sphere cannot pass through. Various cable rail configurations are often proposed to minimize the rail system's impact on the view from the deck. These systems are often difficult to evaluate because

It's a place to be among family and friends outdoors, in a private space that is welcoming. The design of a railing system around your new outdoor area must be continuance part of the whole design, tastes and feel in the same way as the rest of your home. California Deck Builders, Inc. Specialize in railings construction in