wooden panellings rate per square feet

Most wall paneling comes in a standard size sheet that measures 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, for a total of 32 square feet. To determine how many sheets you need To determine the total cost of the paneling for your project, multiply the number of panels needed by the cost per panel. For example, if you need 10 panels to

Installing drywall -- and in particular, sheetrock -- can vary according to several factors including availability of the material, square footage of the room and whether any structural changes need to be made ahead of time. The costs for all aspects of a 200-square-foot project can be estimated as follows: Sheetrock: $200 -

Details are as under: Wood : Solid Pine Panels with Grooving Pre finished Ready to Install; Size : 12mm X85mm X 1200mm and on wards ( RL); To be Installed on 12mm Plywood or 12mm wood runner Tongue & Groove ,; Nail down installation. Comes in 12 wood shades. Rate : Rs. 150.00 Per Sq. ft. Yes! I am Interested.

Standard 2,100 square feet house will cost $9,030 - $17,220 or $4.30 - $8.20 per sq. ft. for labor and crew of five should be able to complete the work and pass Estimating the total cost conventional wood framed wall will be initially slightly cheaper, but SIPS panels will have some benefits and might save you in a long run.

Architectural Paneling Price Estimator. Here is a convenient way for you to get a quick estimate of the cost of materials for your architectural wood panel or feature wall paneling project based on the square feet you will be covering and an average cost per square foot for our paneling. Contact MantelCraft (800) 820-7177

Wood; WoodyWalls Gray Color; Real Wood (Pine) Easy to Install; 12 Planks 19.5 sq. ft. per box; 46.45 in. x 5.04 in. x 0.18 in. planks; Every board comes with back Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels - DIY Peel and Stick Easy Installation, 10 Sq Ft Shipping Weight, 8.85 pounds (View shipping rates and policies).

LEADED & BEVELED GLASS PANELS. Thickness: 1 4" to 5 16" Prices per square foot. Minimum (1) one square foot. Available Finishes: Pewter, Black Patina. Add 20% for Brass, Stainless or Copper. Same designs with bevels available using all Clear Double-Strength Glass. If you prefer a different type of textured glass

a hybrid panelized wood roof system. “It was a job of a magnitude we had never seen before,” said JD Herron from. Beven-Herron. “Speed was critical. We started . An accomplished roof erector with just one crew can erect more than 100,000 square feet of roof panels per week. Tim Lessard from Panelized Structures.

3) Metal Shingles horizontally installed interlocking metal panels that imitate slate, tile or wood shingles shakes. 4) Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile Material cost of an R-panel is about $1.10 per sq. ft., and a “lifetime” (yeah, right!) asphalt shingle will cost about $1 per sq. ft. In Midwest states, the complete

Applewood Pointe, a 48-unit, four-story housing complex for senior citizens in Roseville, Minnesota, relied on wood not only for its affordability (a base cost of less than $80 per square foot), but for its speedy construction. The project was completed in just 11 months. Wall panels were assembled off site, then trucked in and

The Hardwood Floor installation cost in Tampa mostly depends on the type of hardwood that you have chosen. In general, the hardwood installation cost can range between $5 and $15 per square foot of area. If you cannot afford the pure hardwood panels, you can even go for other flooring options.