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Open the gate to eco-friendly fencing, from bamboo to blackberry bushes. NutsandBolts1. composite fencing is made of recycled plastic and wood. The company “We know how wood and chain-link fences are going to react in 20 years, but we don't know if a composite material is going to be here. After sitting in the

Some plastic can take up to one million years to degrade in landfills making them ideal materials to use for long lasting composite fencing products, but undesirable to bury in the ground for land filling. Nature's Composites are fully recyclable and can be reused to produce similar or different sustainable building materials in

As a contractor, I've seen more and more of my regular clients become increasingly interested in environmentally sustainable options for building projects over the years, for everything from new homes to decks to backyard fences. And for good reason. Buildings, and in turn the construction industry, are

Many of the properties that make FRP composites the preferred material of choice for performance reasons also result in a more sustainable material. These properties include: Durability, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement (Composites Durability Overview); Resistance to rot and corrosion, resulting in a

Even fencing in your backyard can be done in a more earth-friendly manner with products composed of recycled materials, such as plastic (typically HDPE) and reclaimed wood fibers. This combination of materials creates a low-maintenance, durable composite fence that is resistant to cracking, rotting, and insect damage.

Best Quality Wood, Cedar, Iron, & Composite Fences. Call 800-495- PrairieFence is a full line of sustainable composite fencing products for most major fencing categories. The products are The plastic component of PrarieFence shields the material from moisture damage associated with wood fencing. The wheat

One of the most sustainable materials to consider is composite lumber. This type of fencing is made from recycled plastics and wood fiber or wood waste. Additionally, it doesn't require any painting, staining, or sealing. You don't need to use chemicals or maintain a composite fence. Composite fencing also

We make eco-friendly composite fencing from an innovative blend of 96% recycled wood and plastic—that's almost the whole thing. And we've been this way for RECYCLED WOOD. Reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill finds its way into high-performance composite materials. By using

Cali Bamboo manufactures green building materials made primarily of bamboo — one of the world's most durable, sustainable and renewable materials. commercial building projects across North America with a wide range of products including bamboo flooring, fencing, composite decking, plywood, cork wall tiles, poles,

Composite Fence. Pros: Composite fence looks a lot like wood, without the hassle of painting or staining. Many brands are made from as much as 95 percent recycled content (wood fiber and plastic), via a waste-free manufacturing process. Both strong and durable, composite fence is also rot-, weather-,

uses wood and plastic, taking the best features from both, to make their composite material. Using wood gives it strength and a natural appearance. Using plastic makes it resistant to rot and insect damage. But it gets even better. 95% of the composite material is recycled. takes reclaimed wood

A proven solution in terms of durability and resistance, the growing use of recycled plastic lumber provides a solution that can last for decades. Because it will not rust or splinter, plastic outdoor living products often are not replaced as often as some other building materials. As an alternative to conventional products, the

Recycled content and recyclability. Another "plastic lumber" product was advertised as recyclable. This seemed a brilliant development as the criticism of composite wood is that it is a "monstrous hybrid." That is, a mixture of materials that can never be separated, and once finished with its useful life, will go