Quick Step Impressive Waterproof Laminate flooring

StyleMyFloor. Amazing what a floor can do. We believe that dreaming is as important as doing. That's why the laminate floors we make are very special. As pioneers in the way today's laminate floors are made, we understand it's not just about quality manufacturing and innovative details. It's about what our floors can do.

Thanks to their innovative “HydroSeal” water-repellent coating, the latest Quick-Step laminate floors are the first truly waterproof laminate floors in the world. 'Majestic', 'Impressive (Ultra)' and Eligna laminate floors have an innovative, water-repellent 'HydroSeal' coating even in the grooves, so that no water can penetrate.

The most waterproof flooring ever thanks to HydroSeal water-repellent coating on the bevels - making it ideal solution for rooms with high moisture levels such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. The top layer of every Quick-Step laminate floor is finished with an ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer which gives the

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Laminate Flooring. Quick-Step Impressive Ultra 12mm- the most waterproof HDF laminate ever produced! Looking for a natural classic oak laminate? Look no further than the Impressive collection from Quick-Step. Bulk Discount Deals Available Click & See our Great Offers Quick Step Impressive

Quick-Step Majestic Laminate flooring is one of the latest additions to the Quick-Step laminate range for 2017. It is the most natural and waterproof laminate ever and is part of the new generation of laminate floors along with Impressive & Impressive Ultra. Features : Waterproof Laminate with Natural look and feel; Available

Meet the latest generation of laminate floors Floor that just don't just look exceptionally stylish and natural but can also take a knock or two and abov

All Quickstep Impressive laminate orders come with free laminate underlay plus all orders over £150 qualify for free nationwide delivery from the UK's number one Quickstep laminate flooring online retailer.

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Products 1 - 12 of 20 Quickstep Impressive is the new generation of laminate floors. The range features waterproof laminate using hydroseal technology, making these floors ideal for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Quick-Step Impressive is a collection of laminate floors that look and feel exceptionally natural. The planks' authentic wood grains are perfectly reflected in the floor's joints and bevels. Due to the addition of Hydro-seal to all the joins, this is the most waterproof laminated floor ever manufactured. The completely sealed

stability and security, Quick-Step laminate flooring is x10 more scratch resistant compared to other laminate floors, it has a life time click warranty with the Unilin Uniclic locking system and an impressive 20 to 25 year guarantees, also with Quick-Steps new impressive range you can now get a 10 year waterproof guarantee

Impressive Ultra. Quick-Step Impressive Ultra offers you waterproof laminate flooring in 9 stunning designs that are so true to nature thanks to the unique bevel technology. With its waterproof HydroSeal coating, it is perfect for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. 100% waterproof surface. Steam and wet cleaning permitted.

Guaranteed best online m² price. Bulk discounts. Impressive laminate flooring hand samples available for £1. Quick-Step Platinum Partners. 48 hour DLY.

Wielsbeke (Belgium), 16 December 2014 With its brand-new 'Impressive' and 'Impressive Ultra' laminate floors, Quick-Step takes flooring technology to the next level. Thanks to a fully closed surface, finished with a HydroSeal coating, both the Impressive and the thicker, ultra-durable Impressive Ultra

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra is a collection of hardwearing, medium-sized laminate floors that look and feel exceptionally natural. And there's more: thanks to a unique water-repellent 'HydroSeal' coating, Impressive Ultra is not only beautiful, it's also the most waterproof laminate flooring ever produced. Natural Impressive

A laminate floor in your kitchen or bathroom? No problem thanks to the 'Impressive' water-resistant laminate collection by Quick-Step.

The planks' authentic wood grains, for example, are perfectly reflected into the floor's joints as well. And there's more - thanks to a unique water-repellent 'HydroSeal' coating, Impressive Ultra is not only beautiful, it's also the most waterproof laminate flooring ever produced. For further information on Quick-Step Impressive