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The very chemicals that keep the water in your swimming pool pristine can corrode your grill or degrade your deck. Mix in a little dampness and a lot of foot traffic Composite decks with a high level of wood in them should also be stained and cleaned regularly. But plastic decking may be a more durable

In this article we'll take a look at the benefits of both patios and decks so your hardest decision will be where to place the grill. Remodeling Magazine's Cost Value Report in 2013 states the average cost of a midrange deck addition project runs around $15,000 for a composite deck and $9,327 for wood.

trex patio deck with built in grill Deck to the Backyard, Sudbury, MA - Decks Photo Gallery

Pad for protecting deck floors from grill heat and sparks The Original Grill Pad protects Outdoor Living decks and patios from damaging drippings, spills and sparks associated with outdoor grilling; Protects wood and fiber cement decking. Suitable for all outdoor areas wood, cement, stone, slate, and brick. Composite deck

Only time will permit that board to fade to the color of the surrounding boards. Note: If you plan to cook on your composite deck, it is suggested to place a mat under your grill to avoid burning or melting the deck material. Keep in mind this mat will block the composite material from the Sun, which will result in a patch of deck

In our FAQ section, we address several questions heard from consumers regarding the placement of protective grill mats pads on composite decking, cedar pressure treated wood and exotic wood. Many of the major manufacturers of manufactured deck board have web sites that address cleaning and maintenance of their

Composite deck with grill bump out, landing and steps to grade. White vinyl railing with round black aluminum balusters. Composite Decks. Tropical composite decking with white vinyl railing and round black aluminum balusters. Composite Decks. Nice close up! Notice the hidden fastening system. Eliminates unsightly

The materials used to make the Gas Grill Splatter Mat are 100% recyclable and unlike similar products on the market today, the non-woven surface areas of the splatter mat will not bond or adhere to composite decking. The Gas Grill Splatter Mat comes in two different sizes to accommodate your grill. Choose between the

But, what we did experience is 4, 20" potted tomato plants & our grill blown completely off the deck. The heavy cast aluminum patio table with 8 chairs were slammed into the house. Luckily they hit the siding rather than the windows, which would have broken out. Now we are terrified when we go out of town

DeckProtect. What is the difference between DeckProtect and a fire-resistant grill mat? A grill mat is designed to catch grease splatters and sauce spills. DeckProtect is a complete system of protection specifically engineered for use under a fire pit with an inch of basalt (volcanic rock) fiber board that cannot catch fire.