diy building a concrete patio

Building a concrete patio (or any concrete slab) is similar in many ways to the walkway project. Before beginning your project be sure and read through these pages for additional information, particularly on the subjects of finishing and curing. If your patio is larger than 10 ft. x 10 ft., you will definitely need to include control

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This video shows Phoenix Home Services, a local contractor of Northern Virginia, explaining how to prepare a patio for a concrete pour. Start out by laying out the patio grade 1 4" per foot so the water will flow away from the home. The patio is then formed up and excavated and ready for concrete. If you are

Nationally, concrete patio costs average around $2,521, with most homeowners spending between $1,424 and $3,627. This data is based on research provided by HomeAdvisor. Creating an attractive and welcoming outdoor space is often a priority for homeowners. While there are a number of different options and

The lower price tag combined with the wide array of patterns and colours available make concrete an economical choice for most budgets. Plus, with the right knowledge and tools, a concrete patio can be tackled as a do-it-yourself project. How to lay a DIY concrete patio. Building your own natural stone patio can be a

How to Build a Patio Firepit. This ain't any old patio fire pit. This addition to our backyard cost $125 AND only took 30 minutes to put together. Not even kidding. backyard DIY firepit. So we finally got our stamped concrete patio finished this past Friday. Can I just say… I'm in love! I really wanted a corner fire

Now that you have seen our prep work for the DIY concrete patio, we wanted to show you how we mixed, poured and finished the patio. Also, in case you didn't see the plans for the backyard or the raised garden boxes, just follow these links. DIY concrete patio part two-15-2. We decided that we wanted to

In this video we take you from start to finish on how we setup, form and pour a concrete patio, If you have any questions dont hesitate to comment or leave f

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Installing a Paver Patio. A paver patio can withstand heavy traffic and requires low maintenance. It's a great addition to any yard, and takes about a weekend to complete. Download a PDF of this project, and visit the Garden Club for more outdoor living projects. Tip: The number of paver stones and the amount of paver base

Using landscaping paint (or a marker), mark the perimeter of the extension that you are planning, making sure to keep lines even. Then, take a shovel and excavate the area within the markings to a depth that is roughly nine inches below the level of the current patio. This is necessary since the amount of concrete slab and

Average cost to install concrete patio is about $2005 (500 sq.ft. concrete patio slab). Find here detailed information about concrete patio costs. DIY considerations. This project is somewhat suitable for DIY with a good set of tools and skills. Beyond construction skills, realize that concrete is unforgiving of delay as it dries.

If the patio is too large in area, it might not be an easy DIY job. The location is also important. You want to choose a mostly even area so you don't have to level the uneven ground before you lay the concrete. Check local building codes to find out if a permit is required, how far the patio has to be from property and house