composite edge decking

Additional Resources. Starborn Cap-Tor xd capped composite screws (used for MVP square edge decking and Siesta Starter Boards) · FastenMaster TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screws (used for MVP square edge decking and Siesta Starter Boards)

Other decking systems have a grooved edge to provide a surface to attach hidden fastener clips. Fine Decks Inc. Most low maintenance decking products use polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE) plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the base material for their decking boards. Composite decking is created by mixing polyethyle

Some decking installations require both grooved and ungrooved boards. For example, if you decide to picture-frame your deck, you might use non-grooved boards for most of the job, but frame it with grooved boards to produce a finished, square-edge result. Your choice of composite decking should reflect your personal

Made from wheat straw cellulose and clean recycled HDPE plastic (milk jugs); Low maintenance, no painting or staining; Available in square or grooved edge; Accepts current hidden fastener technology. Classic. Made from wheat straw cellulose and recycled clean HDPE plastics (milk jugs); Scalloped board with

What is capped composite decking and how does it differ from uncapped decking? boards also have a polished appearance on top and bottom, so they're a great choice for second-story decks. Plus, they are available in square edge (for traditional face fastening) and grooved edge (for hidden fasteners).

Expert advice on how to install and work with TREX and other composite decking materials, how to cut and fasten TREX, and framing for composite decking. A clean cut should not leave any loose material, but if you need to clean up an edge, do not use a sander. Sanders will mar the finish and in many