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There are two basic varieties of landscape timbers: synthetic and natural. Recycled plastic timbers are the most common type of synthetic log. Natural timbers are comprised of various types of wood. Untreated timbers are usually made of redwood or cedar and have some natural resistance to fungal growth,

Are you ready for some amazing ways to bring the natural look of wooden timbers to your landscape? Landscaping timber comes in a variety of shapes (think boards, posts, blocks) and lengths. They are also made of different materials, and can be stained or painted to fit your needs. p. You might also like: 42 Stunning

My neighbor had a shipload of landscape timbers for a project he decided to abort and sold some of them to me for peanuts. I'm going to build a deck-like walkway runing the timbers longwise along the path, with a pressure treated 4×4 placed widthwise every 4 ft to elevate the timbers. Anyway, as you

The inspection matrix for the landscape inventory included sections of the existing plant species, condition of man-made elements, architectural coherence, We learn about many aspects of the timber industry from the natural world (N for Nursery trees nestle near natural seedlings) to the man-made elements (T for Timber

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Deer Run Stone, LLC is a stocking distributor for Natural and Man-Made stone products; which include full & thin veneer, cut stone, landscape stone and hardscapes. We also have installation materials like mortar, lath, premixes, sealers, bonding agents, felt paper, rain screen, masonry tools, and mantels. All of these quality

January 10th. Today I finally ordered a couple of bundles of untreated landscape timbers. I didn't mean to put it off so long, but I was making sure that I had the budget. There are quite a few more supplies I'll need, but I think a trip to lowe's and mueller buildings for metal roofing will take care of it. Today I also made a note to

I will be doing a kind of gravel driveway extension to the side of an existing paved driveway and was requested to use landscape timbers instead of the actual size is 5 1 2 but its labeled as 6 usually because after planing it shinks 1 2 inch i'm guessing when some guy made one of the hand made

Process of landscape design includes concepts and elements of landscape designing… 5. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS OF DESIGN 1. Focal point 2. Line 3. Form 4. Texture 5. Scale Natural Manmade Natural Plants vegetation Water Earth forms landforms Timber Stone Manmade Brick