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Matches 1 - 20 of 22 Browse thousands of choices for fire-rated doors, including 20-minute fire-rated wood doors and MDF doors with 90-minute fire ratings.

ToughRock Lite-Weight Fire-Rated Gypsum Board. You can meet requirements for ASTM C1396 Type X gypsum drywall in fire-rated walls and ceilings with the right, lighter weight board. This 5 8-inch (15.9 mm) panel is just as strong and just as easy to finish as ToughRock Fireguard X Gypsum Board, but lighter in

Code-compliant component of fire-rated interior wall assembly. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. Because structural design values for LP FlameBlock sheathing are not reduced by the fire-retardant treatment, the panel carries load span and shear design values equivalent to an untreated wood structural panel in the same panel

N.C.F.R. Homasote is a structural building board and substrate for interior or exterior application, offering constant insulation against air, moisture and noise penetration. It is a UL fire-rated structural building board and UL recognized component in floor protectors and wall shields. Fire Rated N.C.F.R. Homasote is made

Construction Specialties - Renaissance Real Wood Wall Panels Renaissance Wall Panel . Fire Resistant Core Model: ALUCOBOND PLUS - Aluminum Composite Material with Fire Resistant Core ALUCOBOND PLUS has been developed exclusively for the higher requirements of the fire regulations in architecture.

Fire Proof Wall Panels, Wholesale Various High Quality Fire Proof Wall Panels Products from Global Fire Proof Wall Panels Suppliers and Fire Proof Wall Panels Factory Fire proof Interior Exterior Wall Panel decorative heat insulation metal board Hot! Wood plastic composite technique exterior fire proof CE wall panel.

218 results 2 ft. wide gypsum liner panels inserted in shaft wall studs - SHEETROCK Brand Gypsum Liner Panel; Air Space - 3 4 in. of air space layer; Wood Studs - 2 in. x 4 in. wood studs max. 16 in. OC; Batts UL U305. Wood Stud (Load-bearing). Interior Partitions. Sound Test: RAL-TL11-130 RAL-TL11-173. Fire Rating

In residential homes, installation of fire rated drywall is often required by state province and local building codes on interior and exterior walls near furnaces and utility rooms. Fire rated drywall can also be installed in a basement or other places where a wood stove might be used. Fire rated drywall is typically found on

Ideal uses include decorative, fire-rated walls, doors, joiner panels, linings, ceilings, furniture and fixtures in living quarters and public spaces. meet all relevant regulations for fire protection according to SOLAS, which requires noncombustible construction materials in accordance with the FTP Code for interior outfitting,

It simply takes longer for fire to affect fire-resistant materials. The key is to construct a building in which a fire would take effect slowly, allowing the occupants plenty of time to escape. This is also why materials themselves are rated in respect to how long it would take fire to affect its structural abilities. Even heavy timber can

INTERIOR FINISHES. SECTION 801. GENERAL. 801.1 Scope. Provisions of this chapter shall govern the use of materials used as interior finishes, trim and . fire-resistance-rated construction as required elsewhere in this code. 803.4.3 Heavy timber construction. Wall and ceiling fin- ishes of all classes as permitted in this

Fire Retardant Wall Panels, Wholesale Various High Quality Fire Retardant Wall Panels Products from Global Fire Retardant Wall Panels Suppliers and Fire Retardant Fire rated retardant resistant wall cladding corrugated core aluminum composite panel Interior Fire Retardant Wood-wool Acoustic Panel Wall Panels.

Ratings” that, “Wood stud walls may contain fire-retardant-treated studs as well as untreated wood studs. The use of of untreated plywood when all other specified attributes are equivalent to the wood structural panel used in the Design. or closer, the rating must be from both the interior and exterior side. To qualify under

Design for Code Acceptance (DCA) 3 - Fire Rated Wood Floor and Wall Assemblies. Free Download. Describes how interior and exterior wood-frame walls and wood I-joist floors can be used to meet building code requirements for fire resistive assemblies. Additional information: Calculating the Superimposed Load on