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As more and more designers are seeking out eco-friendly materials for their environmentally savvy clients manufacturers have stepped up and given the Cork is relatively new to the flooring world. Cork, like wood can be finished in a variety of paints and stains to suit any color scheme or design style.

Sustainable flooring from Connor Sports. Our gym flooring has earned multiple environmental certifications and is the only ZeroWaste sports flooring company.

Sustainable Flooring. Our green flooring is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and made from sustainably harvested, recycled or reclaimed sources. Our solid or engineered hardwood floors are sustainably harvested and made with non-toxic adhesives and finishes. Choose from FSC maple, oak, View Tools & Supplies

Linoleum. Linoleum is more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring as its basic ingredient is linseed oil. It is also popular for its nonallergenic qualities. Traditionally, linoleum is laid in a similar way to vinyl. It must, however, be stuck down, making it a harder job. Some linoleum can be bought on a wood-backing and is

In essence, this is because different forms of wildlife prefer different habitats, so a mix of stand ages enhances the biodiversity of the region. Furthermore, since opening up the forest floor encourages a flush of grass and herbaceous growth, this increases the food supply for many species, itself increasing the likelihood of

Care & Maintenance of Eco Friendly Wood. Floors. Common Pitfalls of Wooden Flooring. Refinishing an Eco Friendly Wooden Floor: Screening & Top-coating. The Guide To Eco Friendly Flooring. Page 1 of 21. Eco Friendly Flooring Sustainability and Health. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HOME CENTER

Plantation forestry now supplies over a third of all the industrial wood requirements, and takes pressure off the primary forest, but in many places in the world it has replaced the primary Wood is inherently the most environmentally-responsible building material, especially when compared to any other floor covering.

They now offer a number of sustainable wood flooring options. We will walk you through these, along with prices, leading brands and distributors. Additionally, we provide some nominal prices for non-sustainable wood flooring, as well as its real environmental cost, so that you can be aware of what your

The problem lies not in using wood for flooring, but in irresponsible management of forests…the triumph of greed over common good. Poor environmental planning in the past has led us to the brink of crisis. Ecosystems depend on trees, and deforestation threatens some of the most delicate and vital ecosystems on the

As people become more environmentally and socially responsible, green building practices rise in popularity. There are many ways to make your not all floors are created equal. Whereas quartz, marble and granite were once popular choices, more homeowners today seek out sustainable wood flooring for their houses.

Armstrong (Bruce is an Armstrong brand) is committed to good environmental stewardship at our plants around the world. As the industry's leading North American hardwood flooring manufacturer, Armstrong (Bruce is an Armstrong brand) has a vested interest in protecting the forests where ourmaterials come from.

FSC flooring products are internationally recognised as meeting these exacting standards and treating the environment responsibly. An extensive audit process was undertaken before was allowed to sell FSC flooring, but now approximately half of our Natura range of engineered wood floors is

Anderson's commitment to sustainability is best celebrated in third-party certifications from the nation's leading environmental organizations. Click to Download Anderson Hardwood Certification Letter. The certifications allow retailers and consumers to feel confident that Anderson Hardwood Floors are the healthiest and