vinyl decking products that look like hardwood

But then try asking them to explain what makes one brand's wood-plastic composite (WPC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking or trim different from another. A lot of them Versatex president John Pace isn't impressed, particularly since his company's goal is to make a product that cuts and nails like wood. "You're trying to

Composite Decking That Looks Like Real Wood. One of the issues my clients and I had with the first generation of composite decking was that this decking had a little bit too much of a sheen to it. Now, it wasn't a really obvious sheen like vinyl has, but it was enough that people were thrown off by it. Unless it

The Tufdek Birch Plank vinyl deck flooring design is from the exclusive Designer Plank Series, waterproof decking that looks like actual birch wood.

Many vinyl decking options closely resemble the grain of wood, which can be a plus for homeowners hoping for the advantages of man-made material but the look of traditional wood decking. Vinyl decking comes in a range of sizes, lengths, and widths. Vinyl decking can be installed as tongue and groove or in planks; it is

Traditional wood decks look great, but you have to refinish or reseal them every few years to keep them looking that way. We'll also tell you about vinyl and aluminum decking options that require even less maintenance than composites. If you like the look of a traditional wood deck, solid composites are for you.

Wood decks are far superior in terms of durability. A wood like mahogany can last up to 40 years if oiled yearly. You can refinish a wood deck every few years to make it look like new again. You can't refinish a composite deck, but you will have to replace it every five years. In addition, old vinyl decks are unattractive as they

Whether you're making a purchase at the coffee shop or trying to choose a paint sample for your living room, the options can be overwhelming. And when it comes to massive product offerings, the decking industry is no different. A relatively short time ago, a few types of wood were routinely used as decking material.

At the point of installation, many homeowners swell with pride at how beautiful their deck looks with their shiny new composite deck boards. The smile does not last long though, as composite deck boards reportedly do not age well and tend to take on a plastic-like or artificial appearance that opposes the natural wood look

Given this preference, early composite and vinyl decks were made with grains and textures intended to mimic the look of natural wood. But composite decking Some wood deck materials, like BuildDirect's Tropical, even contain natural properties that resist rot, decay, and termites. Regardless of

Vinyl decking and railing products, composite wood decking, and wood deck material at Liese Lumber Missouri serving Belleville and the St. Louis Metro Area. fencing looks like conventional wood but performs like a state of the art composite that frees you from the tedious, painting, staining or replacing cracked,

These composite decking materials are a combination of recycled wood and plastic fibers that are stained to look like actual wood. Composite decks are strong, withstand the elements and are easy care. They look surprisingly like real wood (with a semi-realistic wood texture) and will outlast the real deal

Maintenance for the nonporous surface is minimal, planks are simple to install, and the product comes with a lifetime warranty, Pellock says. But colors are limited, and the surface doesn't look anything like wood. Other companies making vinyl decking include Genova Products and Royal Building Products,