erecting a panel fence

Adding Wooden Panel (or Close Board) fencing along the boundary to your property is not only good for privacy and security, if done properly and maintained well, it can also add to the appeal of your home. Before erecting any type of boundary fencing, check that you know where your boundary runs and

Wood framed bamboo fence panel installed in NJ. Whether putting up a new fence panel or repairing an old one, most fencing projects can be easily completed in a day. All you'll need are a few simple tools and the right fencing products and you'll soon have the perfect boundary for your garden.

First you need to dig holes for each post (or you can do this as you go, erecting your fence panel by panel if you think it necessary or your measuring skills are lacking!) according to the ready-mix instructions. This is usually at least 60cm deep and about three times as wide as the post. You could use a

Looking at the photos above, you can see how raked panels follow the slope of the ground. The gap beneath the fence remain even, consistent, and neat. Stepped panels, on the other hand, gradually make their way up the hill like steps, leaving triangular gaps at each end post. If you're debating the merits

Erecting panelled fencing is not difficult as long as the preparation is done. If the ground you plan to put your fence panels on is reasonably flat then this is the project for you. If the ground slopes then you will need to see our project on stepped fencing. You will also need to see our projects on how to mix concrete,

How to Erect a Fence. A fence can define a homeowner's yard, mark a property line or keep children and pets away from the street. Simple garden fences are not difficult to erect, they just takes time, patience and a little DIY know-how .

Erecting wooden panel fences. First clear away all obstructions and ensure a reasonable ground level before pegging out the line of the fence with string. Clear away plants etc. from along the line of the fence, about 300mm (1 ft) on both sides of the line, more where the

The depth should be enough to leave the post standing above the ground equal to the height of the gravel board plus the height of the fence panel. Use a spirit level to make sure it is vertical. If the hole is very deep, fill it halfway with rubble and soil. Tamp down well before applying a bag of concrete.

Fences cut off hedgehogs and frogs and other species who use seasonal routes to breed as well as search for food. Fences are ugly and panels need to be replaced after a few years. A hedge does not!! If you have to erect a fence at least dig a small gap under neath to accommodate wildlife after all they or

Add some style and privacy to your garden by following hour handy how to guide to erecting a fence. From post to panel we will show you how its done.

The great thing about willow hurdle fence panels are that they are flexible so you can bend them up to 120 degree during installation. Before you start doing anything, soak the panels in water for at least 4 hours, this will help the willow sticks to soften and make the panels easier to bend without breaking

Pre-made panels greatly reduce the time needed to erect a fence. They are typically 8 feet wide, and as long as you space the fence posts properly, they can be mounted onto the posts with a minimum of bother. If you're building the fence on sloping ground, the panels should be level and follow the slope in steps. Panel

So whether you're replacing an existing fence or erecting a brand new one, we've created a handy guide which tells you everything you need to know about There are many different kinds of fence panels which you can install in your garden, some require brackets which allow you to affix the panel to the