how to screw decking without fasteners

Learn about the benefits of installing hidden deck fasteners. They are a great choice for building decks without exposed screws or nails.

The front edge of the previous deck board is secured to the joists with toenails or screws, and the Deck-Ties on the second board slide below the first board. Toenails or screws in the second A set of two tools costs $600, but means not having to sledgehammer the boards onto the fasteners. Tiger Claw.

Your normal wood screws are not structural. Standard screws are brittle. If you take a normal screw and drive it part way in and whack it with a hammer, it will snap. If you do this with a nail, the nail will bend. Which would you rather have holding your deck up? Something that bends but stays intact or

no surprise that these changes have created a market in which deck fasteners are as important, and sometimes as expensive, as the planks they will secure. The affordable galvanized nails of the past, although not extinct, are competing with specialized screws and hidden fasteners designed for premium-level projects.

Choices of deck board fastener types and methods include nails, screws, clips, and a wide variety of hidden deck board fastener systems that we describe here as well. Gaps between decking boards are necessary to allow water to drain, but should not be so large that small objects fall through or toes get caught.

The new variety of fasteners — from screws with augers to clip systems to angled pinning methods — allow for uninterrupted beauty in wood decks as well as the beauty of One of the issues resolved by the product is a set of long-standing problems associated with using conventional screws without predrilling. Predrilling

When you face screw the decking board, you can rely on the natural flexibility of the decking boards to secure them to the joists. As long as only A good quality decking board that has been carefully air dried will always be more stable in the long run and the type of fastening you do makes no difference.

Shop our selection of Hidden Deck Fasteners in the Lumber & Composites Department at The . DeckPac 875 1-7 8 in. ProTech Coated Trimhead Deck Screws with Marksman Pro-X1 and Driver Bits. Model# . No Spacer Kit Angle Hidden Deck Fastener with Ceramic Coated Screws ((400-Piece).

We have used two different company's composite deck screws, one is Swan Secure's Dexxter, and the other is made by Splitstop. They are made specifically to be used with Timbertech's grooved decking, are stainless steel, are virtually invisible, and allow for more expansion and contraction without breaking any screws.