moist shield decking and uv protection

“Grill pads” made of a blend of fiber-cement and polypropylene are a good choice to protect synthetic decking from stains under and around outdoor grills. You can also get discoloration from the moisture trapped below a floor mat and get some color variation due to UV exposure. That is, areas around the mat might fade

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insects and moisture. Every Gorilla Deck G3 board is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry - a lifetime, transferable limited warranty - making it the right Extruded from highest quality PVC resins with ACCU-Shield . Interlocking design for the with most advanced UV protection under the sun, our

Protects against moisture; Effective on both hard and soft wood, plywood and bamboo; Easy-to-use; Apply one gallon per 100 square feet for decks and docks; Apply one gallon per 200 square feet for fences and thinner wood. Not available for sale in Indiana. Note: Cedarshield does not provide protection from UV damage

Moistureshield has always been protected to the core. Our enhanced cap stock line, Moistureshield Refine, adds an extra layer of protection and beauty. Refine decking matches the proven durability of our Vantage board with an improved protective covering in 2-rich highly variegated colors. Each board provides a unique

Page 2: Types of Composite Deck; The Importance of 360-degree cap. Page 3: No protective cap Ultimately, the wood fiber absorbs moisture with UV together which causes the composite decking to decay, crumble The shield on a half capped board is only protecting the top meaning that the bottom is still exposed in a

Once the material has been “opened up”, this can lead to a host of other issues including chipping, sun damage, and mold staining of the plastics inside the opening. One of the most important and often excluded step in regular deck maintenance is to protect your deck against moisture intrusion. I cannot

Such a product is an example of a true deck "sealer." At the other end of the spectrum for Thompson Water Seal products, we find "solid finish": Solid finishes create a colored, opaque shield to protect decks not only from moisture and mildew, but also from UV rays. You will not have to re-coat your deck as

Protect STAIN & SEALER has undergone extensive independent lab testing to confirm its performance as a long-lasting, durable stain. A critical test for any sealer is its ability to repel water and moisture. Rhino Shield Protect was tested to see how little water was absorbed into a typical wood deck board after exposure to UV

The energy efficient design includes a habitat for protected species and low emissions. A.E.R.T. was even awarded with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's EPA Region 6 “Partnership for Environmental Excellence” Award. The International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) verifies decking

Quality Roof Deck Protection provides an extra layer of moisture protection between your roofing material and the roof deck. However, in some jurisdictions, roof assemblies are also required to be fire resistant. A Fire-Resistant Roof Deck Protection: Should provide the very best fire protection: a UL Class A rating on most

Discover the many benefits of our composite decking to see why you should choose for your next deck project. decking products make the great outdoors even greater by inspiring care-free living while making a statement. Built to be tough yet beautiful, Protection to the Core. Innovation.

composite decks, we don't need a protective coat to cover our boards. Our advanced technology protects Over time, UV rays from the sun will fade ANY outdoor product. Which colors will Any wet surface can be slippery; has approximately the same coefficient of friction as smooth asphalt. It will not be as

WOOD & DECK COAT DESCRIPTION Thermo-Shield Wood & Deck Coat has been tested for UV and moisture resistance under. ASTM. This water-based sealer contains the finest resins available to provide a longlasting finish and to outperform conventional sealers. Rain and sun attack unprotected exterior wood