second floor outside deck appraisal

Electric garage door opener won't reverse with resistance; Burglar bars without safety latches; Steps or stairwells with no handrail that are deemed a safety concern by the appraiser; Second floor doors lacking decks that are not secured; Raised decks with no railing; An outlet within 10 feet of a water source

These may include new replacement windows, construction of a deck, laminate flooring, insulating the basement or adding central air conditioning. Special landscaping features enhance the outside appearance of a home, although an appraiser will pay particular attention to the location, neighborhood and lot size.

In this particular situation, GLA would be different based on ANSI standards which would eliminate that area, and Fannie Mae, which is based on the exterior measurements, would include this area. Again, how would an appraiser know if a comparable only had 18 feet wide living area on the second floor if

Railings should be constructed of an appropriate material, consistent with the construction of the other elements of the deck, patio, porch, etc. They should be of Inspection of Wall and Floor Surfaces the FHA requires that the appraiser be able to visually inspect all wall and floor surfaces. If the appraiser

VA loans hold properties to a unique standard through the VA appraisal process. See some TIP: When selling an older home, check both the interior and exterior for chipped or cracked paint. Scrape and Rather, the VA allows each appraiser to determine if a stairway or deck-related safety threat exists.

Outdoor space (e.g. terraces) and parking spaces are also not considered in calculating appraisal value, but the appraiser may make an adjustment in the For example, a unit on the fifth floor of a five-floor building won't count as a comparable to a unit on the fourth floor of a four-floor building even if the

This room is accessible through the garage and has a door on the outside. The door presently opens to nothing but my husband is going to build a covered deck with stairs. We also have a 16×16 ft. outbuilding with concrete floor, shingled roof and covered porch. There is a room above with separate

Unfinished areas, regardless of the level in the home. 2nd floor airspace (for example: open space, above an entry, or a vaulted room); The open area above a stairway on the second floor. Basements. Detached living space such as an office in a extra building on the property these spaces are measured

This will be shown as an addition or subtraction on the line labeled “Porch Patio Deck.” The appraiser will do this with each feature of your home, from the number of bedrooms to your home's age and condition. Any other items that affect the value, like hardwood floors, are written in on the blank lines.

For a single family home they usually use the outside dimensions, so the thickness of the exterior walls is included. And they only count the space that you can actually live in. However, even this technique leaves room open for interpretation. What happens if one floor of the home has an area that is open

OK, but if every measurement agrees and the tax bill, the appraisal, everything comes up with the same number…then what? Well, some people try to 'get Now let's continue our tour down to the first floor, where you can also increase your square footage by enclosing an existing patio or porch. With some basic

The appraiser visits your home for between 30 and 45 minutes to measure its dimensions, examine its amenities and evaluate its overall condition both inside and out, taking photos of the exterior, the garage, and every interior room. He or she then examines the records of properties similar to yours

No, decks are never counted, ever. Unfinished . A deck or patio outside will add some value, but generally not more than $5,000. paving stone driveways or walkways do not add value at all for appraisal purposes. . Now, add to that a second floor and you have doubled your sqft living area to 2,688 sq ft.

I am both a Realtor and appraiser. As an appraiser, it is rare for me to give value for items such as this. It may depend on which area of the country you live in, I am in the Seattle area. It is common for us to have sellers, very proud of their amazing landscaping (or deck, covered or enclosed patio, new hot

Information about how the appraisal process works for determinig home value. Include driveway, landscaping, roofs and gutters, patio and deck, appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical, structural, remodeling and additions. Point out good features: fireplaces, wood floors, granite counter tops.

And there's more: Outdoor living spaces, defined as kitchens and entertaining spaces, were the second most popular trend in outdoor design, following Installing one over your existing patio or deck provides several benefits, including better shade, opportunities for more greenery and lighting, as well as

Most decks cost about $10,000, give or take. An appraiser's No. 1 rule is finding homes that are very similar within a mile away of your home, so matching your improvements to the homes in Recessed windows, hardwood flooring, built-ins and custom seating are also great ways to add value. #5: Build a Second Floor.