cost of wood plastic fence pilings

Are you looking to simply mark off your property and stop unwanted animals (or even bipeds!)? A chain-link fence should do. Do you want to add value and curb appeal to your property? Consider ornamental steel or aluminum. Seeking shelter from prying eyes? A privacy fence, made of wood, PVC or metal panels is the

Pearson Composite Pilings look better, last longer and are stronger than wood or steel - and they're environmentally safe! Can be installed over existing piles to save demolition costs .Yes, the PEARSON FIBERGLASS PILING has approximately 3 times the holding power compared to standard wood pilings.

Things are really shaping up, but so far the biggest difference has been replacing our rotten old wood fence for a beautiful white privacy fence. Emmett and I were both surprised how 'easy' it was to install a vinyl fence. It's the .. Long story short, a good privacy fence is 100% worth the time, labor, and cost!

Most of our supply is Southern Yellow Pine because of its excellent properties of strength versus cost and it acceptance of various levels of treatments to meet your Our posts and poles are used for projects from marine construction such as piers, docks, bulkheads and retaining walls to farm and ranch fence or utility poles.

When beauty and aesthetics are key, Gun Barrel pilings and poles give your project superior uniformity and refinement. From exterior uses such as beach home pilings to solid interior columns, Gun Barrel poles and pilings from American Pole and Timber are the most beautiful natural wood option with uniformity that rivals

Repair. Price. Boat Lift Repairs. $200 to $250. Float Repair. $170 to $190. Frame Repair. $200 to $215. New Bumpers. $138. Piling or Pipe Replacements. $300 to $1600 per piece. Replace Dry Rotted Wood. $200 to $250

American Pole & Timber supplies almost any size post, wood poles, or piling you require anywhere across the nation. Most of our supply is Southern Yellow Pine because of it excellent properties of strength versus cost and its acceptance of various levels of treatments to meet your project requirements. Our Product

Economy: While treated pilings might initially be more expensive that traditional lumber, their longer lifespan and low maintenance will equate to much lower costs in the long run. Additionally, treated pilings, poles, and posts are much cheaper than their alternatives, including concrete and vinyl, making them a wonderful

Wood Fencing and Wood Fence Post. The most cost effective means of keeping in what you want kept in and out what you need to keep out is properly pressure treated wood products. Wood fence post have been used for years as the most effective means of fencing. Treated wood fencing of all sizes can be a beautiful way

0001. Wood Deck (sq. Ft.) Low Cost. 0002. Dock Wood (sq. Ft.) 0003. Vinyl Metal Dock (sq.ft). 0004. Recycled Plastic Dock (sq. Ft.) 0005. Wood Deck, Avg Sq. Ft. 0006. Wood Deck, Good, Raised. 0007. Deck Recycled Plastic. 0010. Dock Conc (sq. Ft.) 0020. Cl. Fence 8' Ft. (l f). 0030. Cl. Fence 10 Ft. (l f). 0031. Cl. Fence 12

Pile jetting offers significant time and cost savings over traditional pile driving, and where appropriate, jetting techniques could eliminate the need for a driving rig altogether. Pile jetting equipment usually Pile jetting can be used for most types of steel, wood, and concrete piles. Precast concrete piles may

PRICE: $2.88. 4x100 ORANGE SNOW FENCE. Snow drifts can damage your lawn and block your driveway and walkways with snow. In order to control the drifting, you can set up Note that the taller the fence, the farther away the snow will pile, so keep this in can be used with pvc post or wooden post. PRICE: $16.00.

Protect Your Shoreline with the Best. Created over 30 years ago, ShoreGuard revolutionized the construction of seawalls, bulkheads, and water control structures. ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling offers a long-term, cost-effective solution to waterfront property owners looking to minimize the effects of erosion on their shoreline