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There are two ways of doing this. We can excavate the area and install concrete “porch and deck” posts, or we can drill “Techno Posts” below grade. Techno Posts cost less, but you cannot use them if the soil is dense clay or has boulders. The number of support posts you need will vary, depending on the design you are

Productivity rates found in a repair and remodeling cost book are probably far more realistic and appropriate for a residential deck contractor than rates pulled from a commercial-construction guide geared to projects that are typically much larger. While estimating guides can provide data for tasks you've

Ready to enjoy the outdoors again on a brand new deck? Check out our helpful pricing guide to see how much it will cost.

Learn about the benefits and costs of Wood, AZEK, , PT and Composite decks. We will also cover deck accessories and extra features that can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. You can use our Deck Calculator to get a quick estimate on how much it would cost to build a deck.

Building a deck at ground level requires nailing a few boards together and adding a railing. Once you decide to build an elevated deck, the project becomes much more complex, which naturally adds to the cost. Not only will you pay extra for the added insurance and fall protection for workers, but you'll also need to factor in

How much does it cost to build a deck? A local handyman can provide an estimate for your dream deck, but it helps to know average cost on a national level.

Planning your dream deck can be a lot of work. But with the Deck Cost Calculator, we've made it easier to estimate how much it costs to build a deck. By factoring in the anticipated size of your project along with the estimated costs for material, you'll have a better idea of just how much it will cost to build a