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In moderate climates, shiplap can be a good exterior choice. But for more extreme temperatures, a tongue and groove joint is preferred. Because shiplap is almost always a natural wood product, care must be taken to protect the siding from the elements. Unless the siding has been specially treated before

Wood Products. Alongside our core tongue and groove paneling products we also have a variety of other wood products to help you with any need that may come up with your siding or paneling. Exterior Log Siding. Exterior log siding is a unique and very natural look for your home. A lot of customers we have love the look

Gussy up your porch in time for outdoor entertaining. Tip: To keep the beadboard looking smooth across the ceiling, don't put nails too close together or the wood will contour to dips in the plywood. Instead Beadboard is sold as 1-inch-thick tongue-and-groove boards, offered with different widths between the beads.

Our Pine Paneling is Eastern White Pine that can be used for many interior and exterior projects. Light and natural, this tongue and groove premium pine paneling board offers a great pattern with v-groove option. Details Specs. Availability: In Stock Thickness: 3 4” Grade: Lengths: R L 6'-16'.

Outfdoor Tongue and Groove Ceiling Tips for outdoor rooms in Florida. Out door spaces need to Outdoor Design should always consider the ceiling as an important way of defing the space. Tips from outdoor design There are multiple wood mills or lumber yards throughout Florida. Just search "Lumber

Miter saw or circular saw; Table saw; Tape measure; Story pole; Chalk line; Flat pry bar; Level; Caulking gun; Utility knife; T-bevel; Tin snips; Staple gun; Ladders and or scaffolding; Wood tongue-and-groove or shiplap siding; Strips of felt; Staples; Stainless-steel or galvanized siding nails or screws; Exterior stain sealer

Like all of our paneling, the prefinished paneling is tongue-n-groove and end-matched for zero-waste. Skyline Woods 'END-MATCH' is our own innovative and unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards, which has literally turned the industry around over the last 20 years!

Does anyone have experience with IPE tongue and groove? Forum Responses (Architectural Woodworking Forum) From contributor G: Wood expands. Looks like you have the right idea of where the problem came from. I am curious who suggested Tongue and Groove for outside siding. Is this a

We want to remove the existing drywall material on our outdoor lanai ceiling and replace it with a 3 4" or less wood material that is inexpensive. Any suggestions?? We are using 1x4 tongue and groove clear pine and self-staining in a similar application. 1 Like Save October 15, 2014 at 12:30PM.