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See More. INEXPENSIVE FENCE IDEAS one of the eco friendly and inexpensive privacy fence ideas that many green outdoor home reclaimed timber arbor 10 Unique Ways to Green your Outdoor Eco Friendly Home Design a 'green' railing for your eco-friendly patio by using a line of low-to-the-ground, slim planters.

“The natural bamboo color was chosen because it nicely blends in with the wooded surroundings. Other colors are available, including carbonized (a slightly darker brownish tint), and black. The colors are natural, not painted or stained, further contributing to the product's eco-friendliness. The bamboo is installed on Master

As with most purchases, we'll want to consider things like production impact, use of recycled materials, renewable sources, and end-of-life disposal as we weigh the options. And of course, you'll also want to factor in cost, material availability, maintenance, and your personal taste. Let's get you off the fence

Slide show: Photos from dog-friendly gardens. Dog owner Bud Stuckey and his wife, Maxine McClellan, have been breeding champion American cocker spaniels for 14 years. His home garden in Felton, California, provides a safe, comfortable environment for the dogs as well as an attractive space for plants and people.

Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle can extend beyond the interior of you home and choosing a green fence for your outdoor space can make a significant on the environment. Additionally, green gates and fences add personality and style to your home and improve the value of your property. If you want

Using reed fencing as a screen can also aid in enhancing privacy for your home and garden. Using renewable resources is an excellent way to aid in preserving our environment, the abundant growth rate of fresh water reed makes it an eco-friendly option. Fresh water reed has a rapid growth rate which makes it an

Woven hurdles, recycled composite fences, and living privacy tree lines are just some of the many eco-friendly fencing options you're about to discover. Even traditional wood A Northwest gem, this cedar type is prized for its rich, warm colors and its ability to withstand years of outdoor exposure. The craftsmanship of this

Pressure-treated wood for fences IS environmentally friendly and allows for the use of renewable resources to last long term. Since the 1970s, the majority of the wood used in outdoor residential settings has been CCA-treated wood. Pressure treated wood containing CCA is no longer being produced for

Achieve a natural island look with this Backyard X-Scapes 6' x 16' Peeled Reed Fencing. If you're organizing an outdoor party and looking to create an island-like feel, bring home this fence. Made from peeled reed, this fence offers durability and stability. Peel reed is an eco-friendly material making it safe for use without

Being associated with plastic that is not environment-friendly is a common misconception. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC, the source of our vinyl) cannot be grouped into the overall “Plastic Grouping” because it is not made from 100% natural fuel (as is most plastic) and the manufacturing process is different. PVC is made from a

This includes cedar, redwood and environmentally friendly treated pine. We also stock and or have access to several other residential or commercial products, including chain-link, maintenance free vinyl, and composite fencing. Have one of our design sales associates help you compliment your outdoor space with the

Detailed description of the environmentally friendly policies of the Elyria Fence Co, a Cleveland fence company since 1932. We have a million reasons for loving the white cedar that we use for our wood fence, trellises, garden arches, and pergolas, however, one of the best parts about the white cedar that is supplied to us