decking composite cost with wpcs

Keywords: Electron Beam; Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene; Wood Plastic Composite. 1. matrices, PE-based WPCs have the highest volume of use in the manufacture of building materials, such as decking When less material is used, consumer and transportation costs will decrease and the value of the product will.

The number of options available in composite decking can be dizzying (just see this chart ), but the lumber industry wants to simplify that by suggesting a A recently published life-cycle assessment (LCA) comparing pressure-treated wood (PTW) to wood-plastic composites (WPCs) anchors the wood

mance, a homeowner may choose to use WPC decking instead of pressure-treated timber because of the ease of Wood is often used in plastics as a means to reduce price compared to a solid plastic product. Wood WPCs are a group of composite materials and products comprised of two primary and distinct phases.

At roughly $0.10 lb, wood flour also reduces the cost of a composite in comparison to all-plastic products. The type of wood flour (hardwood or softwood) can influence the weathering characteristics of the final composite, and each polymer has specific degradation traits. As much as 75 percent of all WPCs are made with

The company says installation is faster than it would be for wood or composite decking, and when lower labor costs are factored in the cost is competitive . "Countering the long-held tenet that building products are purchased solely on price rather than performance benefits, WPCs have succeeded in the